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 Why Spot Rocks.

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New Dearly
New Dearly

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PostSubject: Why Spot Rocks.   Mon Jun 22, 2009 7:20 pm

(Well now, lets try this again without the rampant deleting. FINALLY, maybe a REAL conversation about 101 dalmatians!! XD )

Spot and Twotone. Lots of talk about replacing Spot with Twotone for some reason. This is the uneducated thought process of people who don't understand how a decent story is told and just want all thier favorite characters to be happy and dance around, and huggle, and tickle, and squeeze and giggle and...*Barfs* Ugh...

So, lets start off with the basics. Twotone was a character that appeared in a few episodes, while Spot appeared in every episode. She's a chicken, wants to be a dog, has spots, and is kind of a scardey-cat. She's got some depth to her, kind of shallow, but still something you can work on.

Twotone, is another puppy, again, appeared in a few episodes and has the tom-boy appeal. Unfortunately, she's another puppy so that kind of goes against the concept of diversity to the group. She IS another female, which brings the balance to two boys, two girls, but doesn't possess the concept of intelligence that Spot had. (Spot had book smarts, while Cadpig had a new age hippie type personality, and in such, she had social smarts, in which she could 'read' people, but often had it backfire on her.) Twotone, COULD have been an added addition to the shows stars, but she would have made a bland addition at that, or simply needed a attitude/ personality change all together.

Now, mind you, this is being looked at from an unbiased point of view (As Twotone the CARTOON character is considerable different then Twotone the puppy on this forum- try and keep up people) and I'm trying to take a logical stance from a story board's concept, and the mentality in which the creators decided.

Now, Spot is useful, as she's a chicken and not a puppy. Since the puppies stared in two movies, and no one wants to see something bad happen to a puppy, the creators needed someone who would be on thier side, but could take a prat fall- a side kick if you will. Enter Spot. Spot is a necessary character -the straight man to Lucky, Rolly and Cadpig's antics. She's the fall guy. She makes them funny. They NEED her. She is a catalyst for their humor. Further more, Pug, and Mooch, are important too, because a show needs villains. Conflict and resolution, are important parts of story telling.

Something people (Not to name names, but it starts with a B and ends with Elchic) fail to grasp this, because they want "Everybody to get along on the farm." Unfortunately, happy and sugary as that is, it's ****ing BORING. The same story cannot be told repeatedly without it needing a twist. In this case, the only story that can be told, is person v.s. society/ Environment. The concept of having Cruella returning again and again and again doesn't make for good story. She'd be arrested and put into jail and that'd be that after the first foil. And then what do you have left? You have Lucky trying to find a ball, or lucky looking for food. Pretty bland examples, but the concept is solid. Strife makes stories interesting. 101 dalmatians is a comedy (That is, it isn't a tragedy, since the situation is always resolved and better in the end then when it started) And in order to have a comedy, there must be an arc- a point in which things seem at their lowest, before the heroes pull through and succeed. Thus, the situations/ interest is sustained through the addition of villains, and person vs. person can be introduced.

Hence, we have someone who can match Lucky on both wits, and on the same level as another puppy= Tic-Tac. (Which, incidentally, is a character you just love to hate with a few drops of likability, pity, and compassion in for color. He's a bad guy, you get it, you hate him for the things he does, but at the same time, you feel sorry for all that he's been through, you can relate to his sense of needing to go home, and feeling the desire to be with his original family, but you juuuust can't get over the fact that while he's an a**hole, deep down, he's just a sad little pup missing mommy.)

Getting rid of Spot and adding TwoTone is a mistake, because Spot serves the purpose in a multitude of ways for initiating the concept of comedy. (Not in the sense of jokes, but they need Spot to help them out of jams, and no one expects the chicken, chicken to get the job done. So when she comes through, big surprise, Spot learns a little bit of bravery, and the puppies all have a happy ending) That just doesn't WORK with Twotone, because you can't feel the same sense of connection you can feel with Spot. Spot is a chicken, the odd one out, and in a way, something that represents all of us in one time or another. The odd one out, the chicken, someone who needs to be brave and over come all odds- The Spot in all of us, so to speak.

That being said, Twotone MUST stay a secondary character. You ruin the mechanic of the group in adding her, instead of Spot, because her tomboyish attitude loses so much of the concept behind what Spot is. She isn't cowardly, she isn't very bright and she's of two-minds about everything. An episode or two about her at most, but nothing you can truly build off of unless you change her over all character. This is why she didn't appear in more episodes, because you cannot use her in more then a few before you run out of ideas with her. That is to say, Twotone can be used as a plot point, not as a character.

This is also why Rebbecca would have made a better relationship with Lucky, to dredge up an old argument. Aside from the fact that a bunch of you can't seem to stop thinking about the incest between Twotone and Lucky (Seriously...you guys...cartoon puppies that don't actually exist...let it go -.-) Rebbecca, as a character, has a blank slate on personality. There is NO wrong way to go with her. She could be super snarky, a coward, a complete b!tch, she had an entire wealth of possibilities to and personalities to choose from and the creators could have done as they liked to better develop the interest and relationship to her and the other puppies. Specifically, her and Lucky. Now, having her and Twotone fighting over Lucky could have proven to be an interesting episode, but over all, Rebecca would have to win out, or there could be no winner, since the concept of Twotone and Lucky- as already stated previously, is not a good mix in for the main group.

Alright pups- your time to shine, bring your best and tell me why I'm wrong. Personal favoritism don't count. Saying "I like Rebbecca because she's my favorite!" Isn't a very good argument. You have to give reasons WHY the characters are good or bad. Saying "Twotone is good because she likes Lucky" Isn't a great argument either, because a lot of the pups on the farm like Lucky, and a lot of 'em done.

Saying "I think Rebbecca is a terrible match because she was trapped in the past, the animators only created a hollow cookie cutter dalmatian for that episode, and the only reason Lucky seemed to like her was for emotional heart tugging value towards the end" -Is a good argument. XD
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Puppy Pal
Puppy Pal

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PostSubject: Re: Why Spot Rocks.   Mon Jun 22, 2009 8:32 pm

At first I did not like Spot, but as time when on I learned to like her a bit (not much but it's better than hatred right? XD)
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New Dearly
New Dearly

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PostSubject: Re: Why Spot Rocks.   Mon Jun 22, 2009 8:56 pm

it took me pretty much time to like spot Razz
i gotta say she can be a little bit annoying at times, but eventually i realised that she is a pretty good character, as i have said before, she is rhe recurent victim most of the times, for whenever something bad has to happen like in 4 stories up, and i just loved that.
she is a good character after all, even it was a lil bit hard for me to realize it xp
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Spectacular Spots
Spectacular Spots

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PostSubject: Re: Why Spot Rocks.   Tue Jun 23, 2009 2:25 am

I like already spot XD
And here, it's a nice description
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PostSubject: Re: Why Spot Rocks.   

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Why Spot Rocks.
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