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 Eyes of the Beholder

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PostSubject: Eyes of the Beholder   Thu May 28, 2009 9:18 pm

My Sci-fi fic from the Sparky board, edited together into one "feature length" movie of the week post. Have fun.

The logo for Disney appears, it's the old logo's barking variant from 101D2. The action then begins.

It's morning in America. A new day begins as the sun rises over a hill. A small town awakes. People get up, the town comes to life. It's Saturday. At the local McDonald's, three cars are lined up in the drive-thru, folks are stopping by for an Egg McMuffin and a coffee. Kids awaken and head for the living room to watch cartoons (The Pepper Ann theme can be heard coming from a TV). A woman in a green running suit causually jogs thru town, pausing only to check her pulse. For this community, it looks like it's going to be a great day.

At a building marked "Bluelake Animal Rescue," a man flips the sign from "Closed" to "Open." The camera pans in, seemingly thru the glass, before stopping at a pin filled with puppies up for adoption. There's all kinds, pugs, beagles, jack russell terriers. But one little border collie pup stands out in particular. The shot focuses on him as a small girl clad in pink arrives to check out the dogs. Her mother follows her in as the little collie gets right up next to the edge of the pen by the girl.
"That one," said the girl proudly, pointing at the border collie. The man running the shelter proudly reached in and took the dog out of the pen. He put the dog on the floor next to the girl as she took out an orange collar and put it on the dog. A gold dog tag reads "Mitchell." Almost immediately the dog gives his would-be owner a lick on the face.

Two hours and several filled out papers later and our border collie is adopted and out the door on an orange leash with his new owner. The dog climbs into the back seat of the family's vehicle, a dark red early model Dodge Durango SUV, with the girl and off they go. The truck drives thru town, before pulling into the parking lot of a KFC resturant.

"I'm going to head in quick and pick up lunch for today. You alright if I leave you in the car for a few minutes," asked the mother.
"Yes Mom," the girl replied.
"Alright, I'll be back soon," said the mother as she left the truck. She left the keyes in the ignition and the Durango running to keep the truck's air conditioning going. The collie pants, looking around happily...until the mother is inside the resturant and in line to order.
Suddenly the dog's behavior changes. He quits looking around and heads for the driver's side rear door, it's facing away from the resturant. He begins to tag at the handle, finally opening the door. He tries to mak a run for it but is caught by the leash the girl is still holding. She pulls him back and closes the door.
"Bad dog, what's gotten into you Mitchell?," asked the girl. "Why'd you try and get out," she asked.
Collie only blinked, his eyes changing from brown to green. The girl froze in shock. A green beam emits from the collie's eyes. It hits the girl. Offscreen she is heard to scream before the scream trails off into canine yelping. Pan back to the girl, or what was the girl...

A small red and white chihuahua puppy now sits in her place. The dog has a pink collar, the same shade as the girl's clothes. The border collie blinks his eyes again, changing them back to brown. He is emotionless as he casually unfastens the leash and opens the door to get out. The girl, err, chihuahua is shocked.
"What, what, what have you done," she barked.
"I've given you a gift. A little thank you for freeing me from that pound. Now I can proceed with my plans," replied the border collie.
"But Mitchell, you..."
"Changed you into a dog. Yes, I can do that. Marvelous isn't it. You'll be so much happier now," he replied.
"But my Mom, she'll..."
"Remember you only as you are and not as how you were. She sees you now only as you saw me, the family pet," he responded
"Can you change me back," she asked.
"Oh, no can do. But if it's any consolation your new look won't mean a thing in a few days. You're just the first but perhaps I've said too much. Have fun being a puppy," said the collie.
"But, but..."
"Get used to sniffing them," he joked. The chihuahua's pleas had fallen on deaf ears.
The collie turned to walk away. He hopped out of the truck into the parking lot. Suddenly he turned back around.
"Oh, and by the way. The name's not Mitchell..." The dog grabbed his tag and yanked it from his collar. He tossed it aside.
"It's Epsilon. Get used to it, it's a name everyone will soon know"
"But I..." CLANK! Epsilon kicked the door to the Durango shut and causually walked away as if nothing had happened.

Now free of any would-be committments Epsilon began a walk thru the small town, actually admiring the beauty of it all.
"This is actually a pretty nice planet they have here on Earth," said the collie to himself. "I'll take it!" he muttered as he reached the town's square. The town square looks fimilar, the camera pans out revealing a store called "Hobby Lobby" and a few other fimiliar businesses. The town he's in is Grutley.

Suddenly a fimilar odor caught his nose. Dog food, dry dog food like the kind he'd gotten in that pound, and in a large quantity. He looked over to where it was coming from.
The odor was radiating from a general store. An old yellow school bus with black spots painted all over it is parked in front of the store. It had vanity plates reading "101." He approached slowly, hiding under the bus as the owner came out.
An older woman wheeled out a handtruck with three large bags of Anymutt Dog Food on it. She stopped and turned to thank the store's owners.
"Thank you for letting me use the handtruck," she shouted to the store's owners, a male and female of similar age.
"No problem!" replied the male. "Anything to help out Nanny, it's not like you run out of food the day before a delivery often"
"Yeah, well over 101 dalmatians eat a lot," replied Nanny as she pulled the handtruck up the stairs on the bus.
"Over 100 dogs...Perfect, an instant army," thought Epsilon to himself as he wondered out the back and away from the bus and store.
Nanny finished loading the bus and returned the handtruck to the store. She started up the bus and drove off as Epsilon watched. He walked out to where the bus had stood.

"Exhaust. Tsk tsk. It leaves such a polluted trail of scent behind," said Epsilon in a fake emotionally tone.
"But at the end of this trail lies everything I need to start running this joint," he added as he began to follow the scent the bus left behind. It would take him a while to reach it, but he was now headed straight for Dearly Farm.

(The opening credits begin)
The camera suddenly zooms upwards away from Epsilon, taking off like a rocket. It zooms thru the clouds and into space. With a POP! sound music begins to play, specifically a new extended, instrumental synthesizer version of the show's theme. It sounds very 80s as stars fly by. Some of them seem to freeze in place on the screen forming a fimilar pattern before a flash of green light turns them into the series fimilar logo. It holds in place for about 3 seconds before flying by the screen, ending the space theme and leading into a proper title sequence. The names of the cast and crew are shown alongside an hourglass design which shows stock clips from past fanfics including "The Long Road Home," "Bark of War," "Patch and Thunderbolt," "Dogs of Thunder," "Everybody loathes Jerko," "Alternative Love'em and Flea'em" and several others. It's very similar to titles from the James Bond film "On Her Majesty's Secret Service." The new version of the theme and the titles end. The last clip to come into the hour glass is a new one of a pup sleeping. The camera zooms into this scene and the fic begins proper.

One of the dalmatian pups begins to awake. The dog turns over as the camera zooms around and reveals his identity, Doc. He awakes and stretches before looking around to find he is basically the one pup still in the loft. The others must have gotten up before him. "It's a late start but a start none the less," thought Doc to himself. He slide down the slide to the ground floor of the barn. Per usual, the TV was on with most of the pups watching a DVD of the film "An Inconvient Truth." A gentlemen in a nice suit was talking on the screen.
"The other reason is that, if we do the 'right' thing, then we're gonna create a lot of wealth, and we're gonna create a lot of jobs, because doing the right thing moves us forward." said the man on the TV.
Doc shrugged it off and made his way to a boxy metal thing in a corner of the barn. It roughly looked like a robot dog of about the pups' size. Lettering on its side clearly identified it as "K-4.5." On a control panel behind its head lay several switches and buttons. Doc casually pressed a few buttons and the little bot began to start up. The bar of plastic that roughly represented its ears glowed red as it came online.
"Good morning K-4.5. What time is it? I seem to be running a bit late," asked Doc.
"11 hours, 15 minutes a.m., Master," replied the robot.
"Oh my, that is late. What time did I go to bed last night?," asked Doc.
"Insufficent data Master, I powered down around 0-one hundred hours and you were still up. However, you had planned to stay up until 0-three hundred hours to watch a Sci-Fi Channel airing of the old Doctor Who," answered the bot.
"Ah yes, "City of Death" was on last night. Four parter, good one too," said Doc. "Well, looks like I missed breakfest though," he added.
"Affirmative," replied K-4.5
"That's alright, I can fend for myself until lunch. Now where does Rolly keep his secret stash," said Doc. He casually walked over to one of the many piles of heybales in the barn near the TV and reached into one before casually pulling out a white paper bag and removing a single green gummi-like candy. He quickly popped it in his mouth before reclosing the bag and placing it back in the haybale.
"Um, nothing like a nice jelly baby. I'd offer you one K-4.5 but you don't require food," said Doc.
"Affirmative Master, however my Valvoline 10-W30 could use a topping off," replied the robot.
"Perhaps you should go inform Patriot of that," said Doc. "See if he can take care of that and I'll catch up with you later," he added.
"Affirmative Master," said K-4.5 before driving off to find Patriot.
Doc watched the robot head out the door before looking back to the pups watching TV. On second thought, joining them to watch a movie seemed like a good way to kill time until lunch. Doc casually walked over to the rest of the pups, taking a seat between Noggin and Star.

Meanwhile a now fimilar border collie was making his way up the road toward Dearly Farm. Epsilon was still nose to the pavement, now in front of the Villa DeVil property, when he looked up and looked to the left, noticing the farm for the first time. The spotted yellow bus sat clearly visible in the driveway.
"So this is the place with more than 100 dogs huh. This is perfect." Epsilon decided to shortcut a bend in the road and make his way directly toward the barn, leaving the road and sneaking under a fence.
"Who are you?," asked an unknown but female voice.
The collie quickly turned around to find a female red fox looking at him.
''Huh? You talking to me," replied Epsilon.
"Well I don't see anyone else around here. I heard you say that you're looking for the farm with all the dogs," said the fox.
"Ah, well...yes. Yes I am. I'm a stray and figured I could just crash there for a few days and hide in the background," said Epsilon.
"Well that's unlikely, almost all the dogs they have are dalmatians," said the fox.
"Oh," said the collie. He thought to himself "This fox is on to me, I'll return later when she's not around." Roxy intrupted his train of thought.
"I wouldn't worry about it, the Dearlys are always taking in strays. They love dogs, I'm sure they can find room for you," said the fox. "Come on, I'll show you over to the food trough. My name's Roxy by the way," she added.
"Pleasure to meet you Roxy. I am Epsilon"
"That's an unusual name, you Greek like Nicos?," asked Roxy.
"No, but you could say I'm from out of town," replied Epsilon with a smug look on his face as he followed Roxy toward the farm. This was going to be easier than he thought...
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PostSubject: Eyes of the Beholder   Thu May 28, 2009 9:20 pm

Roxy contuined to lead Epsilon toward the farm.
"You know for a fox, you seem quite docile. You are oddly at ease not just around a dog but it appears likely around people as well," noted Epsilon.
"It's just the way I am. The Dearlys are a nice group, you'll like them. They even got me a license and saved my life last Christmas," replied Roxy.
"That does sound really good. Is it just the dogs and the old lady?," asked Epsilon, perhaps gauging what he would have at his disposal.
"Heavens no. The old lady is Nanny, she's real nice, but there's Roger and Anita and Grandpa and I think Amber's in town this week too."
Five humans, well that was a little more than he expected. Going in all guns a blazin' would be a bad move with those odds, especially if one of the males had a firearm like so many Americans. Perhaps he should just leave them be and get them later with the rest.
"Seems like a nice big family," replied Epsilon in a deceptively polite and friendly tone. "Is it really true there's really more than a hundred dalmatians on this farm?," he asked.
"Oh, tons more. They to just have 101 but they have really upped the ante since, adopted a lot of strays and such. Not to mention all the dogs that just hang out there like Noggin," replied Roxy.
The thought ran thru Epsilon's head that this sugary sweet vixen had no idea just how much of a help she was as they approached the barn.

Inside the barn, the movie was just coming to an end.
"Future generations may well have occasion to ask themselves, "What were our parents thinking? Why didn't they wake up when they had a chance?" We have to hear that question from them, now," said the man in the nice suit. As the end credits rolled several of the pups thought to themselves.
"Global warming really is a bad thing," thought Shadow.
"Perhaps we aren't doing enough to conserve our planet," thought Lucky.
"Less cold weather means less hockey," thought Leaf.
"How can I use this global warming to take over the farm," thought Diana. Meanwhile Doc, most likely had missed the point.
"Global warming, bah all smoke and mirrors. Clearly the real inconvient truth is that it's an evil sceme by the Cybermen...or perhaps the Sontarans. No, the Sea Devils. Nobody would suspect the Sea Devils since they haven't been around for..."
"DOC!," said a voice that wasn't from his head.
"Huh, what?," he glanced over to Clayton now sitting next to him.
"Sorry Doc, but you had that look on your face of being deep in thought trying to pin all the world's troubles on fictional monsters from the BBC," replied an annoyed Clayton as the lunch bell began to ring in the background.
"You'll laugh when it turns out Gordon Brown is really a renegade..."
"I believe it when I see it Doc. Come on, let's get something to eat," said Clayton.
"Alright," replied Doc as the two headed out the door to the trough.

The beautiful morning was shaping into a beautiful Spring day. The sky shown bright blue but just the occasional fluffy white cloud passing overhead. Nanny had already filled the trough to capacity with Any Mutt and headed inside as some of the hungrier pups like Rolly and Creampuff charged in. The rest soon followed. Roxy rounded the corner with Epsilon.
"Um, lunch time, come on buddy let's introduce you," said the fox.
"I don't know, maybe something a little more discre..."
"Hey gang, I got a new guy!," shouted Roxy. All the pups looked up from their lunch, minus Rolly who naturally had zoned out in the presence of food. As Roxy and Epsilon walked in to the trough the others got a good look at him.
"Aw, rockin'! Border collies are cool," said Slayer.
"Fresh meat to spread rumors about," thought Emma scarastically to herself.
"What's this guy like?," Lucky asked Roxy.
"Oh don't worry, he's a real nice dog," replied Roxy.
"What's your name?," asked Cadpig. She was always so good around newcomers.
"Ah, well hello there. My name is Epsilon."
"So where are you from Epsilon," asked Two-Tone curiously.
Oh boy, this was not part of the plan. Epsilon had planned a quiet entry to the farm. Let's see, two options. Fake it and say you're from Earth or just come out with it. Screw it, the honest and firendly approach has worked so far.
"I'm from Skayninia," Epsilon responded.
"Isn't that just outside Kansas City?," asked Roadhouse.
"Nah, that's a suburb of Barcelona," replied Phillip
"Actually it's the third planet in the Sirius system," replied Epsilon. "I'm what you might call an alien."
"Pal, with what has happened and who we've met on this farm before you're far from the first," shouted coffee addict Perky.
Epsilon briefly had a smug look on his face before switching back to a happy one to keep his cover.
"They're confortable with the alien thing. Well, that's an unexpected wild card. This keeps getting easier, I'll be running the planet before the sun sets," thought Epsilon to himself.

All was going better than planned for Epsilon. Not only had he been able to infiltrate the Dearly Farm but no one suspected his true intentions even after revealing his alien status.
"Yes, I'm an alien," said Epsilon to the crowd of pups watching him
"Why'd you come to Earth Epsilon," asked Lucky to who he thought was a new friend.
"Well you have a very nice planet here on Earth. Beautiful green grass, clear blue water, friendly animals. This is a wonderful place," said Epsilon.
"Thank you," replied Lucky, proud of his home being complimented.
"It's very nice, except for all this human-caused pollution. You guys have a problem with heating on a global scale?," asked Epsilon.
"Yeah, actually we were watching a film about that earilier," said Cadpig.
"Well, that's okay. A minor aspect in most respects. My home planet had a similar problem with human-caused pollution but us dogs fixed it at the source. Perhaps later I can show you how,"
"Wow, really that's cool," said Lucky. "After that whole scenario with Sirius it's good to see an otherworldly visitor with good intentions," he added.
"Good intentioned my tail!" came a shout from the crowd.
"Dear God, please don't let that be..." thought Clayton before another shout coming from the same pup cut him off.
"I've seen this before. That border collie disguise doesn't fool me for a second," shouted Doc. Clayton did the canine equilivant of a face palm as his friend proceeded to embrass himself...per usual.
"Alien comes to Earth bearing gifts. Bah, that's the exact plot of 'The Claws of Axos.' from the Pertwee era of..." Doc marched up to Epsilon and contuined to rant as other pups looked on.
"You have any idea whatsoever he's talking about," asked Noggin to Sanka
"Man, I never gots any idea what the science fictions are he's talking about," replied the black lab in his usual accent.
"That dal is crazier than the guy from Vanishing Point, or at least unable to tell fiction from reality," said Bo.
"I here the latter is rampant on internet message boards," added Nuke as Doc finally seemed to be concluding his rant.
"...and you expect us all to believe you just happen to look just like an Earth border collie. Bah, clearly a hologram to hide your real horrible tenacled appearance or perhaps a clever to mask to hide your real cyclopic face," said Doc confidently.
"I assure you this is my real appearence pup. Dogs were similarly breed on my planet as yours, maybe a little accerated by our homeworld's conditions but still in a similar fasion. We have sheep too, I was breed for herding them," replied a somewhat annoyed Epsilon. The looks of the rest of the crowd echoed the collie's sentiment.
"Alright, we'll do this the hard way then," said Doc. The other pups contuined to stare as Doc attempted unsuccessfully to rip Epsilon's face off like a mask. Clayton just hung his head in shame. After a full 30 seconds of looking like the farm's biggest bonehead reality finally began to sink in for Doc.
"Okay, so maybe it's not a mask or a hologram and you really do just look like a normal collie," said Doc beginning to fell embarassed.
"No duh," said Epsilon in a peeved tone of voice. However, his tone quickly switched back to deceptively welcoming.
"Still, you're alert and I like that. Being a little suspect of newcomers is a good thing in small doses. Maybe tone it back a tad but clearly your heart is in the right place," said Epsilon
"He's not even mad," said Roxy
"He's so forgiving, like, what a guy," said Jewel
"Arf," added Lizzie.
"What's your name pup?," asked Epsilon
"I'm Doc," said the now humbled dalmatian
"Well Doc, if my being an alien still un-nerves you. What do you say we meet in private later and talk it over," asked Epsilon.
"Ah...sure I guess," said Doc.
"Good, meet me in two hours. I saw this lovely bit of local scenery on the way to the farm, Davey Allison Park. Can you meet me there I'd like to see more of it?," asked Epsilon.
"Sure," said Doc. Why didn't he want to meet on the farm wondered Doc. Oh well, he did say he wanted it to be private. Heck if I'm going to mention that after my "minor misculation," thought Doc to himself. Doc's train of thought was interrupted as other curious pups began to ask Epsilon questions.
"So Epsilon, as an alien do you have any cool powers," asked Lucky.
"Well, just this one. It's more of a parlor trick though," replied the collie. "Still I can show you, can I have a volunteer from the audience?" he asked.
"Sure, I'll do it, said Trista, happy to grab some of the spotlight.
"Very well and don't worry, this won't hurt," said Epsilon. The collie took three steps back from Trista then turned to look at her.
Doc had begun to walk away but suddenly turned around and looked back toward the action. A previously absent pup ran up to him unaware of what was happening.
"Hey Doc check out my new electromagnetic wave detector I built," said the just arriving Techno.
"Techno, sush. I'd like to see this," said Doc. The show was about to begin.
"So tell me something about yourself Trista," said Epsilon. "What's something you like?" he asked.
"Well, I enjoy singing," replied Trista.
"Okay, I can work with that. Watch this folks," said Epsilon. He closed his brown eyes. When he opened them they now had a red color and began to emit a beam of red light that struck and covered Trista. Techno's new device showed signs of activity.
"For the next 10 minutes when you talk you will sing instead of talk," said Epsilon before stopping the beam and blinking his eyes back to normal.
"Contact has been made," replied Trista in a normal voice.
"Doesn't look like it worked, what a pity," said Diana in a snide tone.
"It's a shame," sang Trista in reply. "Hey wait, it worked," she added still in tune. The other pups clapped their approval. Doc was amazed and yet somewhat disturbed.
"Wow. A mild mind control. Hum, that could prove interesting later," said Doc. Techno was still staring at his device.
"That's wierd. I got a reading," said Techno.
"Is that unusual?" asked Doc.
"A bit yes but the stats don't ususually lie. If the reading was accurate his body is like a living radio transmitter capable of sending out various signals," replied Techno.
"Huh, well he is an alien. Maybe you should ask him about that ability," said Doc.
"I think I will," said Techno. "Want to come?," he asked.
"No thanks, I've had my fill of Epsilon for the time being. I've got a meeting with him in Allison Park in two hours but I think I'll go kill some time and pick up K-4.5 from Patriot," said Doc. "Any idea where he is," asked Doc.
"Patiot headed for the old garage early this morning," said Techno. "Check there," he added.
"Thanks," said Doc as the two went their seperate ways. This was going to a long day thought Doc to himself.

Between questions from curious pups one thought lingered in Epsilon's mind, was Doc on to him? No matter, he'd see how much he knew at the meeting later. Perhaps he should clue him in on the plan, maybe he'd go along with it...and if not he could easily be taken out of the picture.
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PostSubject: Eyes of the Beholder   Thu May 28, 2009 9:21 pm

Doc arrived at the old abandoned garage. Beat up and dusty on the outside this was were Patriot spent much of his time. An old car, a red 1980s-vintage Pontiac 6000, sat in front of the garage in what was the garage's driveway. The car had long since been parted out.
A distinct and unexpected smell suddenly hit Doc's nose, alcohol. Doc followed his nose close to building and quickly noticed its source, a 1930s-vintage moonshine still cooking up a fresh batch of "white lightning."
Doc knew the stuff. Patriot had told him about it. In the late 1920s, alcohol was ban in the United States and almost immediately bootleg booze like moonshine, a clear whiskey-like drink made from corn, became common. It's questionable legality led to drivers using fast cars to transport it from the woods where it was made into town to avoid the law. Patriot had always said those bootleggers and their fast cars were the stuff NASCAR was founded from but it surprised Doc that Patriot would cook the stuff up. He never drank, nobody on the farm did. But if the moonshine wasn't for drinking, what was it for? Oh well, he'd figure it out later. Doc casually walked away from the still and headed into the garage where Patriot was.
The interior of the garage looked like a shrine to auto racing. Posters for all kinds of motorsports hung on the walls, most notably a giant blue and white banner saying "FORD MOTORSPORTS: Welcome Race Fans!" Doc suspected Patriot likely lifted it from one of Grutley Motor Speedway's bi-annual NASCAR races.
In the middle of the garage was Patriot. The red, white and blue pup was hard at work at what looked like a race car engine. The engine looked almost done as Patriot cranked the last few screws into place with a Craftsman wrench. He picked up on Doc's presence immediately.
"With ya in a minute Doc, just want to finish this," said Patriot.
"That's fine," said Doc.
Doc looked at several of the racing posters on the wall as he waited. One read "Go Lake Speed Go!" and showed a man standing next to a blue and yellow NASCAR sponsored by Spam, another proclaimed "Kyle Petty: Heir to the Throne" while showing a driver standing next to a car sponsored by Mello Yello pop. Doc had no idea who any of these guys were. Probably no names who never won he thought to himself. Doc contuined to look around. A large vehicle that looked about the size of a large 4x4 truck lay under a tarp in corner. He also couldn't help but notice a 66 inch tall tire like the ones used on liquid fertilizer sprayers sitting against a wall. Doc was wondering what Patriot was building when his thoughts were interupted.
"FINISHED!" announced Patriot proudly. "I've been working on this engine for a month," he proudly proclaimed. "Ain't she a beauty, I salvaged and restored all the parts from wrecked vehicles in the local junkyard. This thing is 640 Cubic Inches of pure Ford Horsepower with three Predator carbs and an 871 BDS blower. I can't...," Patriot continued to brag about his work.
As much as Doc understood technobabble from his love of sci-fi, he had no idea what Patriot was talking about.
"Sounds...impressive," replied Doc. "Did K-4.5 drop by earilier for an oil change," he asked.
"Yes he did, I gave him the full service. Tire rotation, oil change, general maintance. I followed Techno's instructions for his CPU and changed one of his circuits that was nearly burnt out. Any idea how that happened?" asked Patriot.
"Ah, no, none whatsoever," replied Doc, knowing very well he did that last Christmas.
"Ah well, not important. Little bot's out back charging up his solar panels," said Patriot. "Should be ready in few minutes," he added.
"That's okay, I got time to kill," said Doc as he headed for the back door. "Hey Patriot, what do you think of aliens," asked Doc.
"They're alright really. Immigration is what gives America it's melting pot culture," replied Patriot.
"I meant the kind from space," corrected Doc.
"They exist!," replied a somewhat surprised Patriot.
"Yes they do. Don't you know Valria," asked Doc.
"I thought she was one of those designer mix-breed dogs rich people buy," replied Patriot. "Ah well, I guess aliens are okay. Why do you ask," he added.
"I got a meeting with one later in Davey Allison Park," replied Doc. "His name's Epsilon. Dead ringer for a border collie. He arrived on the farm this morning, says he's from Skayninia in the Sirius system. He says he can help stop global warming," said Doc.
"Stop global warming by himself, sounds like more B.S. than the finish at Talladega last year," replied Patriot.
"Ah...yeah, just like that," replied Doc who again had no idea what Patriot was talking about. "So you can see why I thought he might be some sort of hostile invader out to take over the farm," he asked.
"Maybe a little, but I don't buy much into the whole 'supernatural' thing. Were it not for the fact one of the pups can turn into a dragon I'd never believe in such folley. How do you know he's really an alien," asked Patriot.
"He can do this thing with his eyes, it's like mind control," said Doc. "I know he's probably well meaning, maybe he can do some real good for the enviroment, but I can't help but suspect an alterior motive ya know. Maybe it was becuase of my experience with Sirius ya know," he added.
"Sirius?" asked Patriot puzzled. "That satellite radio company that used to sponsor Jimmy Spencer's #7 Dodge?"
Did this dog think about anything but motorsports thought Doc to himself. Why would anyone dedicate their life to obsessing over one thing. Oh, that reminds me, Doctor Who is on late night tonight.
"No, the alien dog, he tried to take over the world. President Nosax killed him. Any of this ringing a bell," said Doc.
"I don't think I was around for that adventure, I was probably busy working on something. Was that before or after Nosax resigned in scandal and Barack Obama replaced him?," asked Patriot
"Before, but just forget it. I just don't know if this Epsilon really has the world's best interest at heart. I guess I'll find out at this meeting," said Doc. "Just in case, he is hostile I want K-4.5 to back me up."
Patriot looked a clock hung in the corner to check the time, naturally the clock's face had a picture of NASCAR driver Jeff Burton on it.
"He should be fully charged now. Either way, good luck at you meeting today Doc," said Patriot as Doc headed for the door.
"Thank you, hopefully, I won't need it," said Doc as he walked out the door. With Doc gone, Patriot turned his attention back to the racing engine.
"Now to finally finish my BIG project I've been working on since we moved to this farm!," said Patriot proudly to himself as walked over and removed the tarp from the mysterious large vehicle in the corner. The angle of view keeps just what it is obscured from view...

Out back, Doc punched in a code on the keypad on K-4.5's back and again the little robot came to life with a red glow in his eyes (not ears, I goofed in part one).
"K-4.5, are all systems functioning," Doc asked.
"Affirmative, all systems at 100 percent capacity. Systems normal," replied the robot.
"Good dog, I have an important meeting with a new dog. His name is Epsilon and he's an alien. I'd like you to come as backup," said Doc.
"Affirmative, master," replied K-4.5.
"Good, when we get there hang back. If things go south, be ready," said Doc as the two headed off toward Allison Park.

Back at the farm, Epsilon's little Q&A had come to end and Lucky was now showing him around the farm.
"And this is the main part of the barn where we watch TV, perhaps THE most important part of the farm. We take turns allotting time so we all get a chance to watch our shows," said Lucky. "Looks like Jewel has it to watch E! right now. I think Blitz has it later to watch some anime before Patch has it at around 6 to watch Thunderbolt P.I.," he added.
"Facinating," replied Epsilon. "I have heard good things about this Thunderbolt program. I look forward to being able to watch it," he added.
"You know, you're alright Epsilon," said Lucky. "Want watch some Real Hollywood Story with us until it's Blitz's turn?" he asked.
"I thank you for the offer and for showing me around Lucky but I've got to go. I told Doc I'd meet him in the park to talk out our issues," said Epsilon.
"I wouldn't worry too much about Doc. He is obsessive but harmless," said Lucky as he walked toward the TV.
"I'm not too worried," said Epsilon as he headed out the door. As the border collie walked out, Techno was walking in scribbling a design on a piece of paper.
"Techno. I talked with you about my signals earilier, now could I ask you something" asked Epsilon to the pup with the crazy orange sunglasses.
"Sure," replied Techno. "What can I help you with Epsilon?"
"Can I see that paper and pencil?," asked the collie.
"Ah sure, I guess," replied a slightly confused Techno.
Epsilon flipped over the paper from Techno's design to the blank back side. With the pencil, he sketched an amazingly detailed blueprint of some sort of device in a matter of just seconds.
"Wow, you're quick," said Techno.
"Yes I am, can you build me one of these devices? It's vital to my process of stopping global warming," said Epsilon.
"What's it do?," asked Techno.
"It just amplifies my body's signals, you know, make them stronger," said Epsilon.
"How does that help stop global warming?," asked Techno.
Epsilon looked down at the plans, casually closing his eyes as he did. The other pups were too caught up in the TV to notice what was going on.
"Well, you see, it simply..." Epsilon suddenly yanked his head revealing his now red eyes which zapped Techno. Instantly, Techno was under his control.
"Contact has been made," said the mind-controlled Techno.
"Build the device, have it ready when I return from my meeting. Tell no one about this until you bring it to me," ordered Epsilon.
"Yes master," said Techno. Techno immediately left to build it.
Everything is going to plan thought Epsilon to himself. He causually walked off to meet Doc.
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PostSubject: Eyes of the Beholder   Thu May 28, 2009 9:26 pm

Doc and K-4.5 arrived in Davey Allison Park slightly ahead of schedule. It was deliberate, while Doc didn't know what to expect of Epsilon he was taking no chances.
"Alright K-4.5, when we get to the meeting spot I want you to hang back out of sight. Activate your audio recording equipment and tape the entire conversation. Use MP3 format, .wav is just too low a quality," said Doc, trying to sound more confident than he actually was.
"Affirmative master," replied the little robot. Sometimes Doc wondered if the little bot was all too willing to accept his commands. Still the two proceeded thru the park.
Doc took a look around the park and had to concede that even if Epsilon did turn out to be shady character he did have great taste in scenery. The grass was the brightest shade of green, and the water of a small creek that ran thru the park shined with the refection of the bright blue mostly cloudless sky.
For April it was unusually warm and the park was alive with sounds of visitors. Entire families of humans were out to enjoy a brilliant Saturday in the park. Fathers and sons played catch, there was laughter coming from a family reunion in a pavillion area and the wonderful sounds of an ace saxophone player danced thru everyone's ears. There was even a little league baseball game going on. Doc also couldn't help but enjoy all the smells, several families were using their day in the park for picnics and cookouts. The delicious odors of steaks, hot dogs, cold cut sandwiches, ribs, cole slaw and corn on the cob all drifted into his nose. YUM YUM! It was like a day more suited to July than April. Were it not for the fact he was here on business, Doc would love nothing more than wait around for someone to drop something and allow him the chance for a light afternoon snack.
Still business was business. Epsilon had not specified where to meet him in the park so Doc just headed for the center of it. The center was marked by a bronze statue of a happy young man with a moustache wearing a race car driver's uniform with the Texaco logo on it, his left arm raised skyward as if in victory. It's inscription read simply "Forever a champion in our hearts." Doc really didn't know who it was supposed to be but it must have been a heartfealt tribute to someone. As Doc stood by the statue, K-4.5 took a position in hiding behind a near by bush. the little round red disc in the center of the red plastic bar that represented his eyes extended outward on a metal rod, forming into a little satellite dish shape as he began to record as instructed. After a few more minutes of waiting the border collie arrived.
"Ah Doc, I see you've made it. Wonderful, simply wonderful," said Epsilon. "Shall we get down to business then?," he asked.
"I would expect nothing less," said Doc.
"Good, then follow me. Nothing like a good walk in the park to talk business over," replied Epsilon.
UT OH! Doc hadn't planned for the talk to done while moving. K-4.5 might not be able to record as well if they were walking. Still, he didn't want Epsilon to suspect a recording and went along with the plan.
"Sure, why not," said Doc. K-4.5 is a clever little bot, he can fend for himself thought Doc as he joined Epsilon in walking down a path that ran next to the creek. K-4.5 detected what was happening, the bot adjusted the levels of audio pickup and proceeded to slowly follow behind at a great distance.

"So how much do you know about me Doc?," asked Epsilon, slightly relaxing the facade he'd been putting up all day.
"Well let's see. You're an alien, you have mind control powers and you seem to enjoy showing off both of those facts," replied Doc.
"Correct on all three points," replied Epsilon.
"You also seem to be a bit of an enviromentalist," added Doc.
"Again, right on the money," said Epsilon. This Doc was sharper than he looked, course he looked like he got his fashion sense from the mid to late 1970s thought Epsilon to himself. Still he would make a worthy ally if I could get him to come around.
"You also seem to like to brag, like that claim that you can cure global warming. If the greatest human scientists can't do it, what makes you think one little sheepdog puppy can?" asked Doc.
"I assure you I can Doc and it's a very simple fix, cut the problem off at its source," said Epsilon. The collie was starting to smile slightly.
"And how would you do that? Make the humans stop using fossil fuels? It can't be done, they'd never agreed to it," said Doc.
"I can make them agree Doc and when the time comes I will, they are no match for my superior intellect," replied Epsilon. Suddenly it hit Doc what the collie was planning.
"Your mind control, you'd make the humans agreed by forcing them to agree," said an incresingly alarmed Doc. "That's not right," he added.
"And who's to say letting the humans contuine their pollution-fueled road to enviromental destruction is right. Myself, I think human beings are a poison. They controlled my home world just as they control this one and similarily ran it into the ground before us dogs rose up and took it from them," said Epsilon proudly. "I'll do the same thing here. Get rid of the humans, get rid of the problem," he added. Doc was horrified.
"You're mad! That's mass extinction!," he shouted. Never would he stand by and let Epsilon use his powers to kill billions of innocent humans.
"Wrong, mass assimilation!" replied Epsilon in an unstressed tone.
"What?" replied Doc.
"I have no plans to directly kill any humans, just improve them," said Epsilon.
"What do you mean improve them?," asked Doc.
"Perhaps I should give you a demostration," said Epsilon. He looked toward the grassy field to the left of the path, specifically at a little boy wearing a red shirt playing catch with his older brother. Doc looked on, somewhat confused but more scared than anything as he and Epsilon took up a position looking at the boy, who could not have been older than 7, thru a bush.
"Watch the boy, specifically the next time he comes over here chasing that ball" said Epsilon. Doc's fear was contuining to build. After about two minutes the boy missed catching the ball. The yellow softball rolled toward the bush and the two dogs, stopping about three feet away.
"It's showtime," said Epsilon as the boy came closer and closer to the bush. Epsilon very visually closed his eyes as the boy arrived at the scene of the ball. As the boy bent over to grab the ball, Epsilon opened his now green eyes and fired a beam that hit the boy dead on. Doc could not believe what he was seeing as the green glow engulfed the boy. The transformation that followed left Doc absolutely godsmacked. Epsilon's green beam subsided, revealing the boy now an Alaskian Husky puppy with a red collar.
"Dear sweet God," said Doc in absolute shock.
"And now the kicker," replied Epsilon smuggly.
"What?" replied Doc, still in shock as he watched the new husky panicing as he used his new paws to feel his new pointed ears and muzzle.
Epsilon again blinked his eyes, switching to the red mind control color. Again the beam hit the husky.
"You are a good little doggie. You are housebroken and obediant. Now, pick up the ball in your teeth and contuine playing fetch with your master," ordered Epsilon. Instantly the husky quit panicing and followed Epsilon's orders.
"Contact has been made," replied the husky emotionlessly. Suddenly the new dog had a very happy attitude and gleefully grabed the softball in his canine teeth and ran back to his brother, err, master who gladly threw it again for him to chase.
"Ta-da. One less human, one more loyal dog," replied Epsilon proudly.
Doc still couldn't believe what he just saw.
"What in the name of Rasillon have you done," asked Doc shocked.
"That my friend is the answer to the enviromental problem," said Epsilon. "You see with my mind control, I can make folks do anything I want them to. But there's a problem, it only works on dogs and not humans but since I have the power to turn humans into dogs I can easily get around it," he continued. "My body even emits a secondary wave when I use the green eyes that alters memories, his brother there won't even remember he was ever human," he added.
"Alright, you've made your point. Change the boy back," said Doc now beginning to get angry.
"Couldn't do it even if I wanted to. On Skayninia, dogs developed this ability as a weapon to take over the planet. No way were we going to breed in a way to undo the progess it could make. There is no way to reverse it. Now the mind control thing is unique to me, it can wear off if I order a time limit into it but otherwise it's impossible to reverse without a proper chemical mixture," said Epsilon. His attention turned back to the husky.
"'Fido' over there can get use to Milk Bones for about five hours before I convert over the rest of the humans and remake society to fit my plans. Think about it Doc, a world with dogs in charge. No more being eaten in Asia or having purebreed puppies killed if they don't look a certain way," said Epsilon. "No more being abused by humans, no more neutering! Canine-kind will be much better off once we're running the show," he added. The proposal did sound a little tempting but after a brief moment of thought Doc rejected it.
"That's all well and good but I like things the way they are," said Doc. "Not all humans are good but a dang good number are, forcing such a heavy lifestyle change on them is wrong. They have just as much right to exist as any other creature including us," he added proudly.
"I guess I mis-judged you Doc. I thought you could be a very valuable ally and help me with my plan. Sadly, you've proved to be no better than any of those worthless humans," said Epsilon angrily. Doc backed off the path into the sandy area near the shallow creek, he used one of his front paws to discreetly pick up some sand and Epsilon drew nearer.
"Alas. I've told you too much to let you go back to farm and tell the others what I'm planning, not like they'd believe you anyway after that stunt you pulled this morning. No matter, hope you like doing nothing but a mindless drone to do my bidding," said Epsilon as his eyes closed. Doc know what was coming next. When Epsilon opened them to reveal the red color Doc threw the sand right into his wide open pupils.
"Ah!" shouted Epsilon as he was briefly blinded by the sand.
Doc turned tail and ran as fast as he could to get away, briefly cutting down the shallow creek so Epsilon would not be able to track his scent. Doc had to get back to the farm and get help or the lovely Saturday would turn into a very dog day afternoon for the entire human race.

K-4.5 stopped recording, his little dish retracting back into the normal position. He had gotten the entire conversation. Epsilon was so caught up in trying to catch Doc, he did not even come close to noticing the little robot. Now blinded more by anger than the sand, he darted right by the robot in his pursuit of the dalmatian. K-4.5 casually pulled a u-turn and headed back toward the farm to complete his mission.
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PostSubject: Eyes of the Beholder   Thu May 28, 2009 9:28 pm

Doc was running as fast as he could. He had to beat Epsilon back to the farm and warn the others of his plan, or at least stall it long enough for K-4.5 to arrive with the proof, or the human species could be wiped from the face of the earth. As much as a all-dog world could benefit canine kind, Doc solidly believed that the freedom to exist was the right of all sentient beings including humans. There was just one thing that puzzled him, how could Epsilon zap all the humans fast enough that he could complete the job before they realized what was happening and killed him to stop him. If he could just zap the whole planet he would have done it alrighty. Then it hit him...
BAM! It wasn't the idea he needed, it was a 120-year old oak tree. Doc was so caught up in thought he forgot to look where he was going and slammed the tree head on at full speed, knocking himself out.

5 minutes later, Doc finally came too with a splash of water to his face.
"Huh? What? Where am I? What year is this?" asked Doc in rapid fire succession.
"2009," replied U annoyed.
"2009, d**n," said Doc jokingly. Suddenly he came to his senses. "How long was I out," he asked.
"I don't know, I heard a bang about five minutes ago while testing my new extra-flammable kitty litter out here. I found you here shortly thereafter. Good thing I have this new collapsable drinking glass dog tag with me," said U as he held out a folding metal cup. U was one of the smarter pups at inventing but since he usually had no idea how to use his 007-esque creations, most of the time the pups avoided going to him for help. U contuined to talk.
"I went and filled it up then used it to splash and wake you," said U proudly. "You were mumbling incoherently about where to find some 'Sarah Jane,' if that's some sort of new designer drug I don't want to kn...," added U as Doc cut him off.
"It's not and that's not important. Where is Epsilon, he's trying to destroy the human race," asked Doc.
"Come on Doc, you expect me to believe that. Sounds like someone watches too much sci-fi," said U.
"They could say the same thing about you U," said Doc in a manner that just sounded akward. "You have to believe me U, if you don't six billion innoncent lives will be permanently altered before you can say 'Goldfinger.' I have to get back to the farm fast," said Doc getting up to contuine his run.
"Perhaps this is serious. Is there any way I can help you?," asked U as he began to believe Doc.
"Ah, sure I guess," said Doc, glad to hear someone was on his side. He pulled his non-functioning toy of a 'sonic screwdriver' from his scarf and threw it to U with a "Here."
"What is this," said U as Doc started to take off.
"It's my sonic screwdriver. You think you can get to work a little, you know unlock things, use sound as a non-lethal weapon, stuff like that," asked Doc quickly.
"Ah, sure," replied U.
"Thanks," shouted Doc as he ran off.
"Well at least for once I'm needed," thought U to himself. U had absolutely no idea what a sonic screwdriver was or how Doc intended a real one to function but if he just wanted the little plastic toy to open doors U was sure he could kitbash something up quick.

For Wizzer and Dipstick, today was a quiet day. The two had mainly stayed out of all that phoney balooney alien fuss that had been sweeping the barn that day and had snuck off for a swim in Hiccup Hole. Today was a quiet Satuday with beautiful weather and nothing could ruin this day. The two had just finished their swim and were now drying off by just relaxing in the sun.
Suddenly the serenity of the scene was shattered as a a streak of silver came shooting past Hiccup Hole at a faster than usual speed. It ran right over Dipstick's tail as it raced by.
"Yee-ouch!" said Dipstick
Before the pair realized what happened the streak was gone.
"What was that," asked Dipstick?
"I dunno...but I want to chase it down and find out," said Wizzer, feeling a bit braver than usual without Mooch around to make him feel second rate.
That streak was K-4.5 and he was racing overland across the country side trying to reach the farm with his vital recording. The little robot had been made from an off-road RC monster truck and he could easily handle the hills and fields that populated the landscape in Grutley. Still there was one thing he hadn't counted on, deep mud.
With a loud splash, the little bot hit a mud hole that proved to be too much for the bot to get thru, his wheels just spun and trapped him deeper as Dipstick and Wizzer chased down "their attacker," arriving just after he splashed down.
"What the heck, is that Doc's tin dog thing," asked Wizzer who for once didn't have to pee.
"Affirmative, I am K-4.5. My mission is to assist the one called Doc and I need to reach the farm A-S-A-P with vital information," said K-4.5. "I graciously request assistance from you two fine gentledogs to free me," said the robot.
"Wow, you here that Wizzer. We're gentledogs. And here I thought we were dalmatians," said Dipstick.
"No he means we're, nevermind," responded Wizzer. Surprisely, at this moment he could relate to what Tic-Tac must usually go through. "What's your mission robot, why should we help you?" asked Wizzer.
"I must get a recording to Dearly Farm. It contains evidence that shows that Epsilon is planning to wipe out the human race," said K-4.5.
"How is Epsilon going to do that," asked Dipstick, becoming confused as usual.
"Insufficent data," responded K-4.5
"Of course, leave the humans helpless with not enough information to live," said Dipstick feeling smarter than he actually was. "Wizzer we got to help him," said Dipstick. While Wizzer was almost certain that's not what K-4.5 meant he agreed, it had been a while since he'd gotten to do some good for the farm that didn't involve paper training with magazines that had Cruella's face on them.
"Alright, don't worry robot we'll get ya unstuck," said Wizzer.
It took a good two minutes of pushing but Wizzer and Dipstick were finally able to free the little robot. K-4.5 sped off with the dirty Dipstick and Wizzer following him.

Back at the farm, Epsilon was ticked. His meeting with Doc had not resulted in a new ally, only his entire plan now being threatened with exposure. Still he didn't see Doc around, he'd put on a happy face and try to just speed the process up a bit. If he did it right by the time Doc arrived, tattled on his plan and actually managed to get others to believe him it would be too late for the human race. As Epsilon entered the barn, he could almost see it now, a canine dominanted planet with his ruling it single handedly. Perhaps he could rule from London, he'd researched Earth and Buckingham Palace looked like a nice place to run the world from. Who's going to stop him from using it, the Queen? She'll be nothing but a whimpy old Pembroke Welsh Corgi with no real influence or political power...actually minus the Corgi part and she's basically like that now. Epsilon's brief foray into planning out meglomania and insulting the idea of monarchies was gladly interrupted.
"Your amp is ready sir, as are the adapters and wires needed," said a still brainwashed Techno. Epsilon's mind immediately shifted back to the task at hand.
"Brillant, prepare them for shipping. I'm moving up my time table, you will have the help you need to load it on the Puppy Bus in a few minutes," said Epsilon. Time to turn on the charm and get the pups to do his bidding, hopefully he wouldn't even need mind control. Epsilon looked over to where the crowd of pups were, naturally it was in front of the TV. Blitz had flipped on some rather tame anime, 'Full Metal Alchemist' or something, and was enjoying it as it went to commercial. The TV showed a promo for the local cable provider which showed their equipment a.
"DeVilCo Cable is proud to supply our area with over 150 channels of quality entertainment, all received from space and sent to you with the power of DeVilCo1, the largest satellite receiving and broadcasting dish in the Northern United States. Because we here at DeVilCo believe that..." CLICK. Epsilon flipped off the TV and hopped on
"Hey!," said Blitz "I was watching that. Now I'll never know what happens to Edward and Alphonse," added the husky.
"Everyone, I have an important announcement to make. The well being of this planet is much worse off than I expected. If we are to save it from irreversable Global Warming we must act now," said Epsilon.
There were only hushes and murmers from the audience.
"I sensed it just from walking in the park, the humans are leading a decadent lifestyle that the planet can not support much longer. That and I meet with that Doc fellow, is he insane? He started making up some crazy story that I want to wipe out humanity instead of just improve their actions," he added.
"Only to some extent, he's just overly curious and obesessive," replied Kendra from the crowd.
"Yes, well. Forget him, if we are to save the Earth we must act now. Techno and I have prepared a device that when used in conjunction with a large satellite, like the one on TV, will allow me to send a signal to every human being on the planet. I can use my mind control to give them a message that preserving the Earth is a good thing that they will be forced to obey and," Epsilon's speech was suddenly cut off by a voice from the crowd.
"Why for all humans need the convincing that saving planet is good thing, most think that way already. Plan is more redundant than MiG-21," spouted Yuri in his Russian accent.
"Hey, yeah," responded Two-Tone. "Most humans know the enviroment is in trouble and many are already taking actions to fix it around the world. Give them some credit," she added.
"And for those that don't, it is thier proper choice that they don't. Having the freedom to choose sometimes means letting folks make decisions you might not agree with. Just because you think one way doesn't mean you are right and they are wrong," said Puffy.
Epsilon could suddenly see the writing on the wall, thru no action of Doc his plan was starting to unravel by his own actions.
"As Optimus Prime says, 'Freedom is the right of all sentient beings.' Even if done with good intentions, forcing people to do as you want against their will is wrong," said Roxy, somewhaat angry the collie she thought was her friend was trying to take away people's free will.
"But, but...the enviroment needs...," Epsilon was trying to recover their trust when two silhouttes appeared in the barn door, Doc and K-4.5. Slightly muddy, Wizzer and Dipstick followed closely behind. K-4.5 started a playback of the entire message...
"Myself, I think human beings are a poison. They controlled my home world just as they control this one and similarily ran it into the ground before us dogs rose up and took it from them...You see with my mind control, I can make folks do anything I want them to. But there's a problem, it only works on dogs and not humans but since I have the power to turn humans into dogs I can easily get around it..." As the message finished, it was becoming more and more clear the jig was up. Epsilon tried to pass it off as a fake.
"Why would you go to the trouble of faking a recording to spread such horrible lies about me Doc. I would..."
"Can it slimeball, your charade is over," said Leaf.
"It was never directly Epsilon's plan to save the enviroment. His plan was to use his vision powers to turn every human being on Earth into a dog than brainwash all the dogs, including us, to do as he wanted. He's out to take over the world, not save it," said Doc, now redeemed as the crowd gasp in horror at his plans. As outlandish as the plan seemed, it's legitmacy was far too real
"Alright, so I was planning to use my abilities to turn all the humans into dogs. Who among you will not admit that we'd better off if we were the dominant species," said Epsilon. His last ditch plea fell on deaf ears.
"Faking enviromentalism, not cool, You're no better than the bad guy from 'Quantum of Solace'," said Noggin.
"We'll never let you turn our nice pets into anything," chimed in Silkie.
He'd lost them. So close, and yet so far. But he couldn't let it end like this, he still had one last trick up his orange collar. Epsilon dropped his friendly facade.
"Okay, I've come too far forward with my plan to let it all go to heck now. If you mangy mutts want to play hardball. Let's play!," he shouted. He closed his eyes, opening them again to reveal the red mind control color as the red beams shot outward into the crowd...
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He'd lost them. So close, and yet so far. But he couldn't let it end like this, he still had one last trick up his orange collar. Epsilon dropped his friendly facade.
"Okay, I've come too far forward with my plan to let it all go to heck now. If you mangy mutts want to play hardball. Let's play!," he shouted. He closed his eyes, opening them again to reveal the red mind control color as the red beams shot outward into the crowd, striking a row of the larger pups standing in the back of the barn. Instantly Patch, Raiden, Ranger, Duke, Yuri and Oddy were under his control. He contuined to fire his eyes, in the process striking random dogs in the audience like Cadpig, Sanka, Izzy, Lita, Star, Roadhouse and others. Sparky and Puffy made a quick escape out the door to escape the beam as half the crowd was now affected as Doc looked on in horror, dodging being affected by the beam by ducking behind Cop Car. One beam struck Dicer, but not being a dog he shrugged it off with no effect.
"Contact has been made," replied all the affected dogs in monotone unison.
"Excellent, my strongest four head outside and help Techno gather the amp and materials. You others, stop any interference!," shouted Epsilon. As Patch, Raiden, Duke and Ranger made their way out the door, Yuri, and Oddy blocked the exit behind them. The affected pups all began to growl, as if ready to attack. Their eyes had all turned a glowing red color to indicate Epsilon's control.
"This is bad and I don't mean bad on a last season of "Knight Rider" bad, I mean a "Cop Rock" level of bad," said Roxy. Behind her but unnoticed, Belchic saw what was occuring and was retrieving the barn's fire extinguisher that Roger put in after the barn almost burned down about a year ago. Meanwhile Diana was not impressed by Epsilon's planning.
"Oh yeah brainwash Duke, that's going to work out well just like last time," mumbled Diana loudly with Stealth and Emma standing confidently on either side of her. Epsilon took note, and immedialy used his red eye mind control vision to zap Stealth and Emma
"Contact has been made," said both, again in monotone unison.
"Attack her," said Epsilon with a somewhat sadistic tone. Both of the Heartbreakers were forced to agree.
"Cute, real cute. You'll live to regret this collie!," yelled Diana in a peeved tone as her friends began to attack her.
"Oh shut up you dumb broad," replied the collie. With a snap of his claws, all heck broke loose in the barn. Friends lunged at friends, it was a sad bitter brawl as Epsilon started to make his way toward the door with mind controlled pups fighting a clear path for his escape. Diana punched out Emma but became to locked in combat with Stealth to make any move to stop him.

Lucky immediatly looked over to Doc.
"Doc, you had a good talk with him. Is there any way to reverse this?," asked Lucky.
"I don't know, replied Doc. Suddenly Cadpig launched right at the pair.
"YAYAYAYAYAYA!," shouted Cadpig as she made a leap at Lucky only to be punched out by Two-Tone.
"Sorry Cadpig, no one hurts my man," said Two-Tone. The attention shifted back to Doc.
"He only said that a certain chemical compound would do it. He didn't say which," replied Doc. Suddenly another pup tried to attack them.
"For the glory of Epsilon!," shouted Cop Car. Suddenly a red laser hit him and knocked him out. The pups turned, thankful that this red beam was from K-4.5. The little robot had deployed his defensive laser mounted in his nose. Doc was glad he had found that little device and had Patriot install it.
"Maximum defense mode! Laser set to stun," announced the robot.
"Good dog," said Doc.
"Affirmative," replied the robot.
"We've got to stop Epsilon before he gets off the farm," said Lucky. "Two-Tone, come with me. We'll take him out," he said.
"Got it," she replied.
"K-4.5, your laser thing have enough power to zap us thru to him," Lucky asked.
"Power levels at 99.4 percent. Locking in on signals of the affected. Odds of success 88 percent," replied the robot.
"I'll take those odds. Let's go," replied Lucky.
As much as Doc disliked the use of force, he knew sometimes it was neccessary and he and Rolly joined the other unaffected animals on the defense.
With stunning lasers beams flying Lucky and Two-Tone now had a clear path thru the uncontrolled chaos to try and chase Epsilon. The farm was now one giant brawl, pups hitting pups everywhere one could look. Diana and Stealth were still locked in battle, although it appeared Stealth was starting to gain an edge. Julie found herself cornered by Roadhouse before Drake bashed the bouncer over the head and KOed him. Rip and Razor were briefly paw-to-paw with Thompson and Shore before gaining the advantage. Blitz leapt onto and pinned Volker as the other deployed his wings and tried to take off. Kendra and Malinda proved an even match and knocked each other unconscious. Only the number of pups knocked unconscious by the battle on both sides growing by the second lessened the conflict in any way.

Epsilon was headed out the door. Izzy and Lita had cleared a way for him and he had reached the exit quickly.
"See ya after I take over the world," said Epsilon smuggly.
Oddy and Yuri stepped aside and the border collie pup walked out into the sunlight before the two large pups. Suddenly two lasers struck and knocked out Lita and Izzy.
"Take that," said Lucky bravely. "K-4.5, take them out!" he said excitedly. The little robot took aim but suddenly ground to a halt, his laser no longer firing.
"Power supply at zero, activate emergency power mo..." K-4.5 ran out of power and shut down. Lucky and Two-Tone briefly had a distressed look on their face until Roxy and Nuke lunged at and tackled Yuri, clearing a path for them. The two ran out the brief opening before Oddy could stop them, his mental capabilty somewhat hindered by Epsilon's mind control.
"Take that Kruschev," shouted Roxy proud of her tackle.
"What's a matter Russian, didn't get enough borscht today," added Nuke. Suddenly Yuri sprang back up and flipped her and Nuke off into Oddy.
"Red Army trumps red fox and nuclear fallout," said Yuri gruffily. As Nuke and Roxy got to their feet the attention shifted to Oddy. Although it was caused by Epsilon's control, the little dog was now becoming angry with parts of his fur starting to turn black.
"This is not good," replied Nuke. He knew what happened when Oddy felt angry or threatened. The little dog morphed into an intimidating black dragon of the traditional western variety.
"We're in trouble," said Roxy staring at the giant black dragon. Oddy inhaled, ready to incinerate the pair with a blast of dragonic fire. Suddenly Belchic and Doc appeared from the chaos with Belchic still holding the fire extinguisher. He armed it and aimed at Oddy.
"Come and get some," said Belchic in voice tone similar to "Duke Nukem" from the video games of the same name. He fired with the extinguiser's foam striking Oddy just before he released his fireball, some it spalshed off and struck Yuri. Belchic stopped firing. Oddy was morphing back to his usual canine self. Both he and Yuri appeared greatly confused as to what had occured.
"What happened, I feel like a truck hit me," said Oddy.
"Same comrade, I feel like iron curtain fall on top of me," added Yuri.
"There no longer under Epsilon's control," said Doc amazed. "What ever the chemical compound that reverses it is, it is used in making common firefighting foam. We can stop this madness!," said Doc.
"It's time to cure evil and chew bubblegum...and I'm all out of gum," said Belchic again in the "Duke Nukem" voice as he raised the extinguisher and ran back into the fighting crowd firing it in every direction.
"Go get'em Blowtorch!," said Roxy as she and Nuke caught their breath and Doc shifted his attention to getting K-4.5 back running but his efforts were in vain.
Belchic sprayed the foam onto the affected, curing them and bringing the fight slowing to an end.

Outside Puffy and Sparky had headed straight to the Dearly Farm's vehicles, Sparky to the bus and Puffy to the blue station wagon. Each had gone for the vehicle's ignition wires and cut them with a hard pull, disabling both vehicles. The pair had not done Anita's car because she had taken it about an hour earilier when Cruella called her in for an "emergency redesign" on the new summer line. The pair had a feeling this wouldn't stop Epsilon but it would at least slow him down as they then hid in the vehicles, not wanting to become involved in the malee in the barn. They were right, Epsilon had seen them do it from a distance and he wasn't too worried. He had contingency plans in place if the pups knocked out the easily accessable vehicles.

Epsilon's materials, including his special amp, were all stored by Techno inside a gray box about the size of refrigerator laying on its back. Still the box was light, due to it mainly being filled with wires and Patch, Raiden, Ranger and Duke each took a corner and lifted. Epsilon directed the four to walk toward the road and they were now doing just that with Techno jusdt behind. Things were seemingly coming back on track for the collie but lurking unnoticed in the shadows of the barn were perhaps two of the pups most capable of stopping him, Lucky and Two-Tone.
"Alright T-T, we only get one shot at this. I'll tackle him, you sit on and crush him after that," said Lucky.
"Got it," said Two-Tone. The two waited until Epsilon turned his attention toward the road, specifically a white late 1990s Ford F-150 driving by, and charged him. Lucky caught Epsilon by surprise and tackled him to the ground with a thud. The other five kept walking toward the road, not even noticing "their leader" had been knocked down.
"Now comes T-T's part" thought Lucky to himself but suddenly Epsilon bucked him off, right into Two-Tone as she rushed in to finish the job. It didn't work. Epsilon blinked his eyes switching to the red color immediately. The beams shot from his eyes and hit Two-Tone.
"Kill Lucky," he ordered, too busy plotting his escape from the farm to waste time on one-liners. He turned to walk away as Lucky got up and tried to run at him.
"Oh no you don't!," shouted Lucky. Suddenly someone grabbed him by the tail, he tripped and was stopped dead in his tracks. He turned around to see who did it...to his horror it was Two-Tone. Her eyes glowed red, clearly under Epsilon's control but fighting it with every ounce of her will.
"Contact...has been...made," she said, releasing Lucky's tail but now pinning him to the ground.
"Two-Tone, no you don't want to do this. I love you," said Lucky. He looked into Two-Tone's eyes, she looked almost like she wanted to cry but couldn't break from her programming.
"You will lose, I will break you!," said Two-Tone now plunging a right hook hard into Lucky. She couldn't help herself as she contuined to pummel him.
Lucky had a hard decison to make, let her beat him to death slowly and attack the one he loved most...there was no real choice. He'd let her kill him. He just couldn't hurt Two-Tone, even under this circumstance.

Epsilon had no reached the end of the driveway with his troops and suppiles. The white truck had gotten away but he had turned his attention to a bright red 2009 Chevy Avalanche pickup truck now making its way toward the farm.
"Put the materials down for a moment. Techno, Ranger. Step out in the road in front of that truck," commanded Epsilon. Everyone followed orders. The driver of the Avalanche spiked the brakes and stopped just before running the two dogs down.
"Patch, Duke, Raiden, stack up by the driver's door," ordered Epsilon. The three dogs immediately climbed on top of one another to form a rough tower which Epsilon promptly climbed to the top of. He was looking into the truck's driver's side window. Confused at all of this, the driver rolled the window down. His wife sat in the passenger's seat with his teenager daughter and 8-year-old son sitting in the back. All four wear matching yellow shirts.
"Ah, can I help you little doggie? Is this one of those "Candid Camera"-type shows?," asked the driver. Epsilon only blinked his eyes, revealing the green color.

Lucky was starting to lose hope as Two-Tone contuined to punch him into submission. So this was how it would end. He also figured he'd go out heroically saving a train full of cute kids from crashing into a ravine or live a long life with Two-Tone and eventually died of old age. He never thought he'd go out like this. Suddenly he felt the spray of fire extinguisher foam, someone had sprayed Two-Tone with it...and the hitting stopped.
"Thank you!" shouted Lucky.
"Oh Lucky," shouted a now free Two-Tone as the pair hugged, glad the trauma was over.
"Ain't that cute," said Belchic, holding a now empty fire extinguisher and standing next to Doc, Cadpig, Puffy and Sparky.
"Forget cute, we have to stop Epsilon," reminded Doc noticing several beagles running away from a parked truck at the end of the driveway. The seven pups made a desperate dash to try and stop them before they got moving.

Patch, Duke Ranger and Raiden loaded the box into the back of the truck. The box easily fit, Chevy Avalanche trucks have a special back of the passenger area that folds down and the dogs had down just that. With the vehicle loaded and the load secure, the dogs all boarded. Epsilon pulled a map of the Grutley area as Ranger took the gas, Duke the break, Raiden the shifter and Patch took the wheel. Techno got into a lookout position.
"Go, take me to 102 West Totter's Lane. Specifically the DeVilCo1 satellite dish," order Epsilon.
Raiden popped the truck in drive and Ranger hit the gas. The truck speed off just as the others arrived. The truck briefly hit the shoulder, flinging a little gravel onto the pups left behind.

"Oh no, we're too late," said Puffy as the Avalanche drove off into the distance.
"My hearing picked up where they were headed, the DeVilCo1 satellite dish on West Totter's Lane. We're going to need a car or something to catch them," said Cadpig, her superhearing catching an important fact.
"Crud, it'll take at least a half hour to rewire either of the Dearly vehicles to get'em running again," said Sparky now somewhat regretting knocking them out of commission. Still, it was a gamble they had to take.
Hope seemed to be fading, suddenly Doc remember something he heard Patriot say as he walked out the door from their meeting earilier...

"Now to finally finish my BIG project I've been working on since we moved to this farm!," said Patriot proudly to himself in a black and white flashback.

"I think I know a way we can catch them. Get whoever you can from the barn. We got to get to the old garage Patriot works on stuff in," said Doc. The others went along with the plan. After gathering Roxy, Nuke, Slayer, Slyvia the Wolf, Clayton, Silkie, Drake, Oddy, Rolly and Leaf the pups made a made dash for the garage.
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At the garage, Patriot was just "closing up shop." His project was finished but it was getting close to dinner time. He'd leave it overnight and come back and test it in the morning. He had just closed the garage's door and was about to lock it when a crowd of pups came running up.
"Patriot! Is it ready?" asked Doc urgently.
"Huh?" replied Patriot.
"That thing, you were working on. With the 640 cubic whatever engine," replied Doc.
"Yeah, but I wasn't going to test it until tomorrow," replied Patriot.
"We need it now Patriot, Epsilon turned out to be evil like Doc thought. He's headed to a satellite dish to send out signals to turn every human on the planet into a dog and then brainwash all canine kind to do his bidding," said Lucky. "We need a car to catch them, preferably a fast one!," he added.
"Well I just finished a vehicle and I did put the 640 c.i. in it but it's not a fast car," said Patriot. "But I don't think we have a choice now, it's untested but we'll use it," he added as he pulled out a remote and opened the garage. The camera shifts to a side angle that we can't see the vehicle from. The pups jaws drop at what the mystery machine is.
"Holy mother, that thing makes Devastater look small," said Roxy.
"Mother of Romana, what is that thing. How did you build it," asked Doc.
"Salvaged parts from the junkyard, come on. I'm driving. It pays to strip the interior and rebuild it to better be driven by a dog," said Patriot. "There's only two seats in the front, the rest of you get the back. There's benches with seatbelts. Use the ladders to get in," he added.
"I got shotgun," said Doc. "I know the most about Epsilon, it could come in handy," he added. The dogs rush into the garage and out of sight. The sound of paws running up metal ladders and said ladders being lifted from the ground and locked into proper storage is heard. Patriot's voice can be heard.
"Alright, everybody strapped in? Okay! And now for the most famous words in all of motorsports...Gentledog, Start Your Engine!"
The 640 Cubic Inch Ford engine roars to life. The ground is literally shaking. Then it emerges...
A giant blue 1988 Ford F-150 Monster Truck races out of the garage! The truck is ten feet tall and riding on 66 inch tall tires! On the doors is painted the words "Canine Crusher" in stacked white letters with a paw print painted between the words. The truck plows into the parted out Pontiac 6000 in the driveway and crushes it flat instantly, catching a little air as it does, and races off to catch up to Epsilon. The truck darts down the driveway of the garage, the chrome of its rollbar located directly behind the cab and the toolbox welded in place under it shine in the Saturday sun. The pups are strapped into benches located on either side of the truck's bed. Inside the cabin, Patriot has indeed had it gutted. There's no dash, no radio, no AC just a few gauges and a good view over the hood at the blower's protruding thru it. Two seats, heavily raised from the normal position so they can see, sit in an interior more like a NASCAR racer than a standard pickup truck's. Patriot made a custom steering wheel better sized for him. On the back of the truck above the normal Ford tailgate markings he has painted a smashed Chevrolet logo with the words "The Heartbeat of America STOPS HERE!" above it.
Patriot has his right paw on the steering wheel and his left on a toggle switch mounted on the top of the truck's driver's door. He yanks the wheel and flips the toggle, all four wheels on the truck turn in unison as he enters a regular road. The Mexican driver of a blue Renault car with a vanity plate reading "Johny" swerves out of the way as the monster races up the road.
"The toggle switch controls the hydraulics for the rear steering, if ya build a monster truck you need rear steering!," said Patriot proudly.
"That's nice, I guess! Why is the engine so loud?!" asked Doc, both pups having the yell to hear each other over the engine's roar.
"No muffler, would hurt horsepower!" replied Patriot.
"Dare I ask what the milage is?!" asked Doc.
"It doesn't matter, it doesn't run on gas. I needed something with more kick, specifically blown-injected alcohol!" replied the red, white and blue pup.
"Alcohol? Where'd you get..." Doc suddenly remembered something from earilier. "The moonshine? This thing runs on moonshine!"
"You got it. Remove the sugar and that stuff is basically Ethanol, although the stuff I made has a bit more than 85 octane. Don't try and drink it!" replied Patriot.
"How fast will this thing go?!" asked Doc. Patriot mashed the gas pedal to the floor.
" 'Bout 55 miles per hour, maybe 60-70 going downhill with a good wind pushing. The tires will take about 80 but we're too heavy because of the steel truck body," replied Patriot. Doc had a concerned look on his face.
"If the truck isn't fast enough to get a highway speeding ticket, how the heck or we going to catch up to Epsilon?!" asked Doc.
"We won't, not on the roads. But we got an advantage he doesn't, extreme off-road capability. I'm going to turn off at the old Troughton place and cut across the farmer's fields. There not even planted yet so they should be no sweat. We can go as the crow flies in this thing. He may beat us there but we won't be far behind!," replied Patriot, confident in his machine's ability.
"The Troughton place? I ran thru there on my way back to the farm. U is there testing gadgets. Can we stop briefly, I've got to pickup my Sonic Screwdriver from him!" said Doc.
"You're what? Is that anything like a oil filter wrench?" asked Patriot.
"I'll explain it to you later," said Doc. "But if he got it working, it could be vital," he added.
"Alright. But make it quicker than Joe Nemechek on pole day!," said Patriot. Doc had no idea what that meant but he would be dang fast.
The truck reached the turnoff and turned off the road into an unplanted dirt field. With a blast of the accelerator by Patriot, the Canine Crusher raced across it, flinging dirt behind it.

For Epsilon, the trip was going smoothly. The Chevy Avalanche had raced thru the town, albeit running a silver Toyota Corolla with New Zealand plates saying "Drake" off the road in the process, and was now making great time toward their distination. The truck was now barrelling down the road at 80 MPH+
"Left now!" shouted Epsilon to the steering patch. Ranger spiked the brakes and the Chevy slide sidewise, tires squelling and smoking, in an almost 90 degree turn. The truck stopped pointed straight down another road as a 1990 Chevy Caprice with Missouri plates reading "Kenny" jams on the breaks and slides into a ditch to avoid a t-bone crash with the Avalanche, its driver thankfully unharmed.
"Floor it now!" shouted Epsilon. Doing a mild burnout, the Avalance accelerated quickly down the road. The road side at the corner reads "West Trotter's Lane," they were getting close.

Back with the Canine Crusher, Patriot had indeed briefly stopped it. The group had thankfully come across U and Doc had recovered his toy screwdriver that U modified. Doc darted up a drop down ladder into the cab and retook the passenger's seat after pulling the ladder up. Patriot mashed the gas and the Crusher again took off, hitting a small hill and catching a little air before slamming back to Earth.
"Incredible luck U was right along the route testing that pepper spray yarn ball. And ," said Doc. "And he got my screwdriver working," he added.
Doc held up the screwdriver to the pups in the back, who he had informed earilier of the stop. It now featured three colored buttons on one side.
"The blue button activates the stuff to unlock, U says it will work on 90 percent of the world's locks. The white button handles a sonic weapon and he says the red button is a missle launcher but I don't really believe him!," said Doc proudly of his tool. The pups in the back just stared at each confused as the engine contuined to roar.
"Can you hear what he said!" asked Lucky.
"No" replied Clayton.

"Drive," the theme from the 80s show "Hardcastle and McCormick" plays over a montage of clips as both trucks race toward the DeVilCo1 dish, the Avalanche on the road and the monster F-150 off it. It's quick cuts between the flat out speed of the Chevy and conquering off-road action of the Ford. The song ends with the Chevy slamming thru a chain link fence onto the property of DeVilCo1. The truck narrowly misses crashing into a small, unoccupied security building at the gate.
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The DeVilCo1 Satellite Dish is absolutely massive. The solid, shiny white dish towards 30 stories into the air, resting on two ten story tall support towers with a maze of white catwalks running between them. The diameter of its dish was longer than two tractor-trailers. It's no wonder this is the dish Epsilon choose, it's broadcast and receiving power must be almost unlimited.
Still Epsilon's arrival had not gone unnoticed. Two security guards on the property had been finishing an early dinner of McDonald's Big Mac hamburgers, french fries and Coca-Cola inside their security vehicle, a white Toyota RAV4 SUV with blue and yellow security markings and an orange version of a police lightbar. The rent-a-cops sprang into action, leaving the RAV4 parked under the dish as the rushed toard the Avalanche on foot with their tasers drawn (DeVilCo was too cheap a company to issue their guards real guns). The guards ran toward the driver's side of the vehicle, not noticing Epsilon getting out of the passenger's side. Epsilon simply looked at the guards and began to blink...
With the human opposition out of the way Epsilon proceeded ahead with his plans, first having the strong pups haul his supplies up to the highest level catwalk then sending them back down to ground level to guard against any "interference" that may arrive. Techno located a computer in the guard building and had already hacked it and accessed the internet.
"I'm online," said Techno into a security guard issue walkie-talkie. On top Epsilon held the other walkie-talkie, pausing from wiring up the amplifier to relay an order.
"Good, now hack the communications satellites. Set them to target," commanded Epsilon.
Techno hit a bunch of computer keyes in rapid succession.

In space, many of the world's communication satellites began to move. Across the world, cell phone calls dropped, internet connections failed, TV screens were reduced to static. For the first time, the humans of the world began to suspect something was wrong but other than using landlands to call their cell phone and cable providers no one took any real action. No one realized the problem was more than a local issue and none of them realized the danger they were in.

"Set the targets. We'll knock out the humans capable of causing military action first. Target all of the world's capitals," ordered Epsilon. Suddenly the roar of a giant engine began to echo thru the DeVilCo1 property. Epsilon looked up from his work toward a dust cloud streaking across a farmer's field. It's source, a giant blue monster truck aout a mile away but coming in hot and fast. The truck crested a hill and raced down it at 65 MPH.
"Well, well look who decided to crash the party," said Epsilon to himself. "I must give them credit, the bravery of idiots is bravery none the less," he added.

The Canine Crusher arrived at DeVilCo1 with a BANG as Patriot crashed the big Ford thru the chain link fence at full speed. He spiked the brakes but the truck was slow to respond to them as it slammed into and crushed the unoccupied RAV4 security SUV. Patriot shut the engine down.
"Nice parking Patriot," said Doc jokingly as the truck's ladders came down and the pups sprang into action. "Got a fire extinguisher by any chance," asked Cadpig from the truck bed.
"Just this little racing one runt dog," replied Patriot as he pulled one from under the truck's gauges and tossed it to her.
"Thank you," replied Cadpig as hurried down the truck's rear ladder.

Patch, Duke, Raiden and Ranger were quick to respond but the pups were just as quick to fight back. Immediately they split up to fight their friends. Roxy, Nuke, Slayer, Slyvia the Wolf and Puffy immediately tackled Patch as Lucky, Two-Tone Sparky and Clayton did the same to Duke. Silkie, Drake, Oddy and Rolly easily pinned down Raiden. Ranger tried to attack Cadpig as she reached the ground from the truck only for her to spray him with the extinguisher and free him. She quickly did the same to her brothers wrestled to ground.

Techno was now the only one still under mind control. His purpose done, he was simply watching the computer and waiting for the order from Epsilon to move the satellites to zap more of the Earth.
Leaf saw the building and ran toward it as fast as he could.
"Dut dut da da," said Leaf to himself as he hummed the old theme to "Hockey Night in Canada."
The guard building had one window which had been left open to let in a breeze. Suddenly Leaf launched thru it and landed a flying hockey-style check on Techno. The hit knocked him away from the computer and onto the floor.
"(makes hockey buzzer sound) Two minutes in the penalty box for trying to destroy humanity," said Leaf in a smug tone. After opening the door Cadpig rushed in and used the last of the little extinguisher's foam to free the hacker.

Epsilon had become too entangled with assembling the amp to realize what was occuring below. He was almost ready as he plugged two large cables into each side of it. One led into a panel on the dish, the other to device that looked like a modified pair of swimming googles. He was almost ready.

The only way up the satellite to the catwalk Epsilon was on was a staircase in one of the support towers, naturally Epsilon had made sure the door to the staircase was locked behind him with the lock located at a human height below a small window. Doc looked at the locked door with a smile on his face.
"Alright lock, let's see you withstand my new screwdriver. Allons-y!" said Doc as he pointed it at the door and pressed the blue button. To his surprise, the screwdriver did not unlock the door. Instead the tip of it popped open and a spring loaded set of three skeleton keys and two screwdriver heads (flat and phillips) slide out.
"What's this then?," asked Doc confused as several of the other pups walked up. "Okay, this should still work. Somebody give me a boost," he requested.
"You got it Doc," said Clayton.
"We're ready to lend a paw," added Slyvia as she and Clayton give him the boost he needed. He jammed one of the skeleton keys into the lock and turned. It worked, grabbing his toy he leapt onto the door's handle and pulled down. It opened and Doc akwardly fell onto the tower's floor. Suddenly a gust a wind came down the staircase and blew the door shut again before any of the others could get in. Like those in some older hotels, the door automatically locked when it shut. Doc was on his own.
"Hang on guys, I'll stop Epsilon," said Doc as he ran up the stairs.

The others were trapped outside, with all of them trying to figure out how to open it again.
Silkie and Rolly ran back to the Ford truck and up the stairs into the truck's bed, immediately going for the chrome toolbox.
"Maybe he's got some lock-picking or drilling equipment in here," said Silkie. The pair opened the case to find it's only contents to be a sturdy metal chain.
"That'll work," said Rolly.
"Huh?," replied Silkie.
"I have a plan...I've been waiting a long time to say that," said Rolly proudly. "Patriot, get this thing fired up again!" he shouted.

Doc was making a desperate dash up the stairs, each step intercut with footage of innocent people worldwide enjoying their Saturday. As Doc reached the 9th story, he paused then leapt up and knocked loose a fire axe from an "In case of fire" case. He slowly made his way up the final story, so as not to clue in Epsilon on his presence. The border collie was just finishing his amp.
"DONE! Break up the water dishes and Milk Bones, it's doggy time human race!" said Epsilon proudly. Doc pulled out pointed his little toy screwdriver at Epsilon. He pointed the opposite side toward him and pressed the white button. Again all that happened was the end popped open, this time revealing a dog whistle. Well, that would do. Epsilon pulled the goggled cable to face and strapped it on.
"Let's get canine," said Epsilon. He began to close his eyes when suddenly he was paralized by an ear splitting sound. Doc blew into the whistle with all his might, fighting off its painful sound as he then ran in. He quit whistling and sliced the cable connecting the amp to the satellite with the fire axe before Epsilon. One half of the sliced cable slid over the side of the catwalk as Doc placed his toy back into his scarf. Epsilon angrily removed the goggles.
"What have you done you fool! We were seconds away from a canine-run planet. Do you know how many homeless dogs in shelters you just sentenced to death!," said Epsilon.
"Get down Shep, you're guilt trips aren't going to work on me. Humans may not be a perfect species but they deserve a right to exist. You had a good run but your villianous scheme is foiled," said Doc proudly.
"Not by a long shot Doc Boy," Epsilon walked over the case everything was carried up in and pulled out a replacement cable. "If it's worth doing, it's worth building in redundancy," he proclaimed.
"I'll cut that one too," said Doc.
"No you won't Doc, I have a new plan. You're too dangerous for me to leave alive. First I'm going to kill you for opposing me, then I'm going to plug in this new cable, destroy humanity and brainwash every dog new and old to rule this planet," said Epsilon proudly. He put the wire down and slowly began to walk over to Doc.
Doc began to feel a little scared. He dropped the axe onto the catwalk and just stared as Epsilon walked up to him. Doc was not exactly the biggest fan of physical violence, still sometimes it had its place. If this was going to be a one-on-one fight to the death he had better win it.
As soon as Epsilon was in paw's reach, Doc punched him right in the jaw with all his might. It stunned Epsilon but didn't knock him out as he sprang back to his feet and tackled Doc. Doc's head hung over the side of the catwalk, it's safety railings were at human height, only a five inch lip on the sides of its floor kept things from just sliding off.
Doc kicked Epsilon in the groin and got back to his feet. The others below could only watch from the ground as their friend fought for the fate of Earth 10 stories in the air. Fighting with all his might the dalmatian actually seemed to be holding his own, if not winning, against the stronger border collie. Doc gave Epsilon a hard head-butt that forced him down onto the catwalk floor. Doc moved in, hoping for a knock out as no matter how evil Epsilon was he didn't really want to take another's life. He moved in for the finish when unexpectedly Epsilon sprang back to his feet and punched Doc hard in the throat.
The hit caught Doc off guard and he stumbled backward, clipping the lip on the side of the catwalk floor AND TUMBLING BACKWARD OVER THE SIDE!!!
Epsilon had a smile on his face as he walked over to the side to his enemy's demise only to look down and find Doc looking right back up at him. He grabbed the hanging cable he cut earlier. Doc slowly began to climb back up. Suddenly he looked up and saw a horrific sight, Epsilon had picked up his fire axe and was ready to cut the wire.
"You could have had it all Spotty if you'd just worked with me instead of against me. Goodbye Doc," said Epsilon. He swung the axe downward. Everything seemed slow motion as the axe cut thru the cable like a hot knife thru butter. The expression on Doc's face recalled that of Hans Gruber in "Die Hard" as he looked up at Epsilon while beginning his fall towards Earth.
How could this be...he...lost?
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Doc could only look up as the border collie pup sarcastic waved bye bye to his foe. Epsilon contuined to watch Doc's decent as the pup let go of the now worthless strand of cut cable.
The pups on the ground looked up and saw Doc fall, almost all gasped in horror.
Doc's entire life flashed before his eyes, living as a stray, ending up in Hell Hall, figuring out what Doctor Who was, getting adopted and named by the Dearlys, battling Sirius, trying to romance Allie, everything. Mere seconds seeemed almost like hours then much sooner than expected...
Doc smashed into something solid with a large amount of force, one of the lower catwalks about three stories below where he had fallen from. His left rear leg broke on impact and he was knocked unconscious. His "sonic screwdriver" flew out of the spot in his scarf where he was keeping it, coming to rest in front of him. The hit was strong enough to shake the catwalk, its vibrations rippling thru its door to stairs and causing its lock to break and the door to swing open. It made a rescue possible but Doc was still in bad shape. Was this really the way he was going to go out?...

"Sleep tight sucker," said Epsilon to himself after watching Doc's fall in full. He promptly ran over to the stairs and shut the door Doc had run thru, like the bottom door it locked automatically sealing him off from any more possible outside interference. He then set to fixing his amp, he was still determined to win.

"DOC!" came a variety of shouts from the ground. The others could only watch helplessly as their brother and friend freefell into the lower catwalk.
"Oh shot, we gotta help him!," shouted Lucky, staring at the locked staircase door keeping them out of the action.
Rolly had already thought up a plan to get past it and the pups were in the process of starting it when Doc took his plunge. Using a strong chrome metal chain from the toolbox of the Canine Crusher monster truck the pups were going to rip the door clean from its hinges using the truck.
A loud "BEEP" sound, similar to that of big trucks and construction equipment, was heard as Patriot backed the monster truck into position before parking it and running down the ladder from the cab and to help hook one chain safely around the truck's rear axle. Nuke climbed into the cab and took the wheel of the truck.
Using the almost cliche but darn effective totem manuever the other pups were able to hook the chain to the door. Patch stood on top and smashed the chain thru the door's small window before securing it in a position. Everything was set as the pups ran for cover. Patriot signaled Nuke who mashed the truck's gas pedal briefly.
The truck's massive horepower ripped the door right off the tower, immediately the pups began a despite run to up the stairs. Nuke stopped the truck and ran in following them. It was a seven-story climb to the injured, possibly dead, Doc and a full 10 stories up to Epsilon.

The border collie was again just moments away from carrying out his plan. The cable was tightened to the satellite dish end, now all he had to do was hook it properly to the amp. Once completed, he could launch a highly amplified version of his body's natural signals with the DeVilCo1 dish into space where the repositioned communications satellites would reroute them back to Earth and the unsuspecting human race. Within 2 minutes of sending it he could knock out any ability of the humans to fight back and within 10 minutes the human race would be nothing but a fading memory. He figured within 15 minutes he would control the world. The moment of conquest was fast approaching.

It was a desperate race against time as the pups ran up the stairs, hoping to stop Epsilon and save Doc before it became too late for either. Patch and Lucky led the charge. As the group rounded the seventh floor, only Patch, Lucky, Nuke and Drake contuined upward, the others ran out onto the catwalk to help Doc unsure what they would find.

Doc's motionless body lay in the exact position it had fallen. A small amount of blood was dripping from his mouth and it was clear Doc had suffered some bad injuries but there was one other thing that was clear, his crest was going in and out. He was still breathing and still alive. Clayton was the first to arrive as the other pups gathered around, ready to lift Doc and rush him to safety. As dangerous as it could be to move him, it was the only option, there was no way they could wait for a vet.
"Doc! DOC! Are you okay?" said Clayton, afraid he had just watched one of his best friends die before his eyes. Slowly, Doc began to regain conscienciousness.
Calls of "Atta boy Doc" and "Yes, he's alive!" rang thru the crowd. Slowly but surely, Doc was coming back to life.

The others had now reached the top, but all 5 pups were struggling to get the locked door open. All that stood between the Dearly pups and saving the world was one stupid door and without some sort of key the pups couldn't open it. As Nuke, Patch and Drake contuined in vain to get the door open, Lucky ran back down the stairs hoping to get the skeleton keys in Doc's screwdriver toy he used earlier.

After coughing up a bit of blood, Doc had now regained some consciousness though his injuries prevented him from moving much.
"Ow! What happened?" asked Doc.
"You fell about three stories Doc, you're lucky to be alive" replied Cadpig.
"Did we beat Epsilon," asked Doc. An almost out of breath Lucky brought him his answer.
"No, he's on the top catwalk with his device basically ready to go. Some of the others are up there too, we can't get the door open to stop them. We need your unlocking thing now Doc, it's our only hope," said Lucky

Suddenly there was a loud click, Epsilon had just jammed the cable into the amp. He was ready and was now putting on the goggled wire to send his signals into the amp. His goal was seconds away.The idea of running back up to unlock the door was no longer an option.

"We don't have time. It's the end of the line, but this moment has been prepared for," said Doc. He reached out and grabbed his modified "sonic screwdriver" toy. Rolling onto his back side to take aim he pressed the red button on its side. One of the side's of the toy sprang open, a small missle made from a model rocket engine and a wad of C4 explosive became visible. A small spring-loaded sight slid out into position.
"Well, U wasn't joking about the missle launcher," said Patriot in awe. As much as they thought it might be a bad idea to let the injured Doc shot it, nobody wanted to be near it when it went off not knowing what it would do or if it even worked. Doc took aim, first at Epsilon himelf, but then he thought better of it and aimed directly at the satellite dish's other supporting tower. He fired, the missle streaked out of its position and hit the tower directly on the connection between the dish and its support. Epsilon had just blinked his eyes to the DNA-altering green as a large explosion from the missle rocked the dish! It was startling enough to cause his eyes to flip back to normal coloring.

"What's going on?!" shouted Epsilon to himself as the sound of metal shearing in half was heard.
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PostSubject: Re: Eyes of the Beholder   Thu May 28, 2009 9:37 pm

The giant connection between the dish and its support broke in the explosion and the dish noticably started to slide forward. Internal wires sending and receiving signals in the dish sheared in two with the movement, ruining any chance for Epsilon's plan just before the signal could be sent. The connection between the area of his hookup and dish no longer worked and his equipment was worthless but there were bigger problems. The entire DeVilCo1 set-up began to shake, guide wires shapped, the dish lunged further forward, it's other support (with the stairs the pups needed to reach safety inside it) started to give. A collapse of the entire satellite dish was immient!

"NO! My plan, it's ruined! YOU PUPS ARE GOING TO PAY FOR THIS!" shouted Epsilon down to the pups on the lower catwalk, unaware any were even at the door on his level.
He began to run for the locked door, unsure how he would open it but sure he was going to make the pups pay heavily for ruining his plan no matter what the cost when suddenly the main dish broke loose completely from the support towers and plumted to the ground, hitting the ground with great force (in the area of the wrecked RAV4) and crumpling into a giant hunk of metal and kicking up a huge cloud of dust. The broken guide wires whipped upward and tangled around Epsilon's catwalk, ripping it from the towers as they fell. The collie was trapped as the entire top level catwalk plunged toward the ground.
"NNNOOO!" shouted Epsilon. There was no escape as he and his equipment fell helplessly into the dust cloud and vanished from sight. The sound of crashing metal was heard as the catwalk smashed and broke up into the pile, accompanied by ripping cables and crunching wiring indicating the amp was certainly destroyed. Epsilon's threat was no more as the now lack of signals from the dish caused the communications satellites in space to move back into their normal positions and restore thier communications networks. The humans suspected very little, service was only out for a few minutes.

Other catwalks and the opposite tower where Doc's missle had struck also became entangled in web of the chaos and collapsed. The whole structure was coming unglued.
Sensing the danger of the situation, Patch, Nuke and Drake had already started running down the stairs as fast as they could. The others all worked together to lift the injured Doc before making a similar fast escape down the stairs. Their seventh story catwalk broke loose and collapsed just seconds after they all got off it. It was a narrow escape as the pups came darting out on the ground level just as the tower containing the staircase toppled into the rubble.
DeVilCo1 was now just a pile of twisted white metal lying on the ground. The scene resembled a plane crash in its utter destruction.

A quick head count confirmed the entire group was okay.
"Everyone's accounted for, let's get out of here," said Roxy.
Patriot took the wheel as everyone again boarded the Canine Crusher, thankfully Nuke had left positioned far enough away from the dish it wasn't damaged by any falling debris, and with the injured Doc secured in the back the truck drove off. In the distance, the sun begins to set on this anything but normal Saturday.

Later that night in the barn things were finally getting back to normal. The hockey hounds had reserved the TV for the night and it was tuned to CBC.
"This is the worst day of my life," said Ranger in his Brooklyn accent.
"Why?" asked Hesso. "Because an insane meglomaniac forced you aginst your will to attack your own family," he added.
"No, the New York Rangers are down 2-1 to the Toronto Maple Leafs," replied Ranger.
Suddenly on the TV, the Toronto team scored again.
"YES!" shouted Leaf at the exact same moment as Ranger shouted "NO!"
"I don't know if I understand this dedication to hockey those pups have," said Olwe.
"You're not the only one Olwe, you're not the only one," replied Hesso.

Clop, clop, clop...
Doc solidered into the room after having spent the entire evening to this point being patched up by Doctor Whittaker. She'd done a good job. His entire left rare paw was wrapped in a cast to help it heal but otherwise he was none the worse for wear.
"Oui, what a day," said Doc tired at everything that had occured.
"I'll say Doc, you completely embarrassed yourself at the start and yet by the end of the day you saved humanity and the concept of free will from destruction," said Clayton.
"I can't believe how close Epsilon got to carrying out his plan," said Roxy. "We should have realized sooner he was up to no good," she added.
"He was preaching what we wanted to hear. We got so caught up in enviromentalism that when he said he could stop global warming, we were all too eager to listen," said Patch. Doc chimed in.
"Enviromentalism is a good thing and don't let anyone tell you otherwise," said Doc. "But like anything that people treasure or willing to fight for, bad people are willing to use it to exploit us and further thier own interests. We just need to watch out," he added. Doc turned his attention to the aftermath of the day's events.
"How many people did Epsilon get before we stopped him?"
"All told, he turned about eight people into dogs before we could stop him. We've run the alert up and down the barking chain and we found the victims. Everyone says they'll do thier best to help them adjust since we can't change them back," said Lucky. "Three of them were little kids," he added.
"Sad but true. What about everyone here, they okay after the fight," asked Doc.
"Everyone's fine, little bruised up from all the drama but nothing a hearty dinner didn't fix," said Slayer.
"Even K-4.5 is already repaired and charging up, he should be ready by morning," said Patriot.
"Well that's good. Today was a very trying day," said Doc. "After everything today I'd just go to bed but Sci-Fi is airing another old Doctor Who serial tonight, the "Planet of the Spiders," and the heck if I'm missing that," he added.
"Typical Doc, beating, bruised, tired and yet there's always time for old TV you've seen before," said Noggin.
"You're darn right," said Doc. With that the camera slowly panned out of the barn into the night. Goodnight America.

The end credits begin, the usual credits are replaced by one more like that of the old animated show "The Raccoons." The 80s New Wave song "Run with Us" by Lisa Lougheed plays in the background as the credits appear over stills of various moments from the fic.

All canon characters are the property of Disney and/or the Dodie Smith estate.
All fan characters are property of their respective owners.

I extend a special thanks to all the members of this message board for use of your characters in this fic.

Chevrolet Avalanche provided by General Motors

Special Thanks to
Ford Trucks
Green's Auto Wrecking

Vehicle stunts performed by the RFX Productions Precision Driving Team
The vehicle stunts in this fic were performed by trained professionals, do not attempt to recreate

Remember kids, Winners don't do Drugs

All geographic information was accurate as of the date this program was recorded

The events and characters in this FanFic are fictional. Any resemblance to real people or events is unintentional

Filmed at Walt Disney Studios, Hollywood, CA, USA and on location in California, Michigan and New Mexico


When in Hollywood or Orlando, Florida visit Universal Studios and "Ride the Movies"
(Ask for Babs)

The credits end but suddenly the screen begins to shake before tearing and revealing an extra scene. It's the remains of the DeVilCo1 dish. Hundreds of emergency and rescue personal have swarmed the site, likely looking for the remains of the two guards (unaware of their real fate). Bright lights illuminated the entire area. Police theft recovery have the Chevy Avalanche hooked up to a red 1979 Ford F-350 tow truck with "Piorkowski Towing" painted on the side. The tow truck drives back to the police station.
The news media has also decended on the site. A fimiliar reporter covers the event live.
"This is Michael Swen reporting for ABC News. Earlier today the DeVilCo1 dish sent out some malfunctioning signals causing worldwide communication issues for a few minutes before collapsing..." The camera pans over to the wreckage, suddenly a firefighter digging thru the debris finds something. He moved a piece of scrap metal out of the way and reaches into the pile to retrieve something.
"Hey boss, I found a live one!"
"Is it one of the guards?," asked his boss
"No, it's a puppy," replied the firefighter as he pulled a badly injured border collie pup from the wreckage. Moments later, Epsilon was strapped inside one of the several ambulances on site and in route to a local vet for treatment. While the human paramedics didn't understand it, he mumbled something to himself.
"I'll be back...I will win...I just need to bring reinforcements..."

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woah O_O !
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Something tells me we will need reinforcements.
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What you want say by that ?
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Cause this could turn bad once Epsilon's reinforcements arrive we will need some too, to defend earth and all.

Hmm... sounds like something Thunderbolt could do.
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yay ... Razz
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Nice job Very Happy
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Eyes of the Beholder
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