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 2nd Gen: A plea in her heart PART 2

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PostSubject: 2nd Gen: A plea in her heart PART 2   Sat Aug 15, 2009 3:02 pm

Ahhh, finally it's up. It's been a month, but I managed to pump out another strophe in my little love story. This time it takes a turn for the tragic. Just like I am.

I feel I should perhaps explain a few things. "Flare" is Moriarty's nickname for Anya, made for her because he thinks she beacons her emotions. As some of you may know, Moriarty is Tac's character and the son of Lundon. Tac volunteered to let me borrow Moriarty when I told him I had a concept for an "intelligent bully" as one of the roles in my newest fics.

Sadly, I have never seen Moriarty appear, neither in artworks nor fics. Thus his character and appearance is largely formed by my own interpretation and may be considered non-canon should it be desired. Now that that's out of the way, feel free to read and review.


“Locks! You just have to do that Anya impression again!” Hillary grinned as she slid her plush Dalmatian self down from a ball of hay. A week had passed and the bright idyllic sunny warmth had taken a turn for the fresh summer rain which poured whenever it had a chance to. Now, the possibilities of fun had shrunk for real, and Hillary hoped she could tweak just a tiny bit of laughter out of the gag.

Anya Romani had, arguably by her own words, been turned into a joke. Which was good. It gave the gang, consisting of Lucky Jr., Beyonca, Hillary and Radu, something to talk about. The heavens knew they didn’t want her anything bad, but as the stubborn girl had chosen to rub their fur the wrong way, what harm could a few jokes of rebuttal do?

Lucky Jr., Who had since long earned the nickname Locks to sport individuality, got up on a hayball pedestal for his moment to shine. He cleared his throat and spoke in an obviously plagiarizing feminine voice, not laying low on the sarcasm: “Ah’m Anya! Ah don’ like TV cause it is nae proper! Now Ah will go out and run in the forrest and get my fur dirty!”

Hillary bounced back on her tail laughing: “That was the best one til now! I swear, Locks, You actually sound like her when you do that!”

As previously mentioned there had passed a week since the TV incident, Where Anya had chosen to go against the numbers in a provoking protest on watching television on a sunny day. Since then few had seen her, but she had still managed to antagonize most of the other resident pups. With some exceptions. And one of them did not approve of what he had just heard.

“If you can’t say that to her face, I suggest you shove it!” Myles snarled, inside he regretted saying it so aggressively which made it harder for him to meet the eye contact which was being forged with Hillary and Lucky Jr. who approached with a steady pace. “Why not? Maybe we will tell it to her. For all we know, she might think it’s funny!” Hillary smiled shoving her face so close up to Myles‘, he nearly fell back on his tail. “It’s just a harmless joke, I’m sure your girlfriend wouldn’t mind” Lucky Jr. supplied in a less demonstrative way than Hillary had performed. Myles blushed deep red: “She’s not my girlfriend! I just don’t approve of how insensitive you guys are acting!”

“While I do agree it is insensitive, I also agree that it’s nothing more than a harmless joke. In the long run, it would lead to nothing more than a simple disagreement..” Radu said making his presence known in the room. “Also..” he continued “I’d hope you would acknowledge Anya’s close-mindedness regarding how we spend our past time. There is no culprit here, just different levels of annoyance heading into competition.”

Myles bowed his head while Hillary shook hers. “Radu, who’s side are you on?” Lucky Jr. asked, sceptically tilting his head. Hillary agreed: “We didn’t step on your tail?” Radu shrugged and sighed before he spoke: “I don’t know. I guess I’m getting bored of having nothing to do. Besides, this is the fourth time or so, I hear that joke. You guys need new material.”

As if on cue, Beyonca entered the room. Myles began to feel outnumbered. Even if they where just talking, the odds where still four against one. He worried if he said something wrong, they’d might start teasing him the same way they did with Anya. ‘If it was up to me, no one should say a bad word on anyone, and especially not Anya’ Myles thought. He immediately abandoned these thoughts as Beyonca delivered her line: “New material? Well, get this scoop: I just saw Anya and that Moriarty-guy kissing!”

“Kissing?!” Hillary and Lucky Jr. yelled out in unison, but Myles could barely hear them. He felt dizzy. Beyonca stretched her words: “Weeell, maybe it wasn’t kissing. They where just walking side by side when I saw them, but they where probably going to kiss any time!” Hillary shook her head in disbelief: “That’s just non-sense talk. I have seen that Moriarty-guy you are talking about and I honestly don’t believe he’d ever fall for a girl like Anya!”

It was Myles’ turn to talk. “What do you mean ‘girl like Anya’?” he said with clenched jaws. Myles hid his secret well. At least he meant he did. The secret about how Anya’s very presence could make his heart pace faster. How he simply adored her, his gypsy princess. His secret flame. The last couple of days hadn’t been easy on either of them. In fact; Myles and Anya had hardly spoken. And this, as Myles had learned, was because of a… another dog. Myles had to struggle to look normal in front of the others. The others who most likely did not share his warm thoughts about Anya. Hillary snerked: “You know.. The weird, scrawny type of girl. Moriarty is far too good for her.” “As if! I’ve heard that Moriarty-guy is a douche!” Beyonca squeaked. “Anya is odd, but I wouldn’t exactly call her ugly.” “I even heard she began faking her accent to sound prettier for him! Can you believe it?” The group began to shoot in comments on who looked like what and what acted like who. But Myles had since long stopped listening. He needed fresh air.

Myles stormed out of the barn where the grass was still fresh with cold summer rain. What had happened? It only seemed like it was yesterday he had first met Anya, and now she was together with someone. Someone other than him. Myles didn’t like this. To the point where he was shaking. Who was this Moriarty Beyonca had mentioned? Was he good for her? Probably not. Myles was sure Morarty, whoever he was, never could appreciate Anya the way he did. Hadn’t the others mentioned Anya tried to ‘act pretty’ for him? Faking her accent? Why couldn’t Anya understand she was pretty enough as she was? I wasn’t fair. “It’s not fair!!!” Myles yelled in frustration and sunk down in the soft, moist grass. He had no idea how long he had been laying there, but he was suddenly back on his feet when he heard a familiar sound, that made his emotions turmoil. Laughter.

Then he saw them. Up on the hill, Anya stood with a lean dog. He looked Dalmatian, but Myles wasn’t completely sure. Anya was skipping around him laughing with joy. Moriarty stood mostly still, but gave a slight chuckle, smiling towards Anya. Myles didn’t like the sound of his laugh. He sounded far too smug. It was when Moriarty planted a lick on Anya’s cheek, that things went ballistic in Myles’ head. With a snarl Myles had ran all the way up to the couple who didn’t seem to have had expected anyone at all.

“Myles? Is there anything wrong? You look like as if you have seen a ghost” Anya asked confused in flawless English. She spoke slowly and would cast reassuring looks at Moriarty who nodded. Myles was shocked. What had this.. This jerk done to the sweet Anya? The anger was boiling within Myles. He didn’t answer. He couldn’t find the proper words. “You do look a little tense there, little guy. Not good keeping all those emotions to yourself” Moriarty said, sending a smile, that Myles almost interpreted as sinister. That sadist! He knew! Somehow, Moriarty knew about his feelings for Anya and here he was… twisting the knife in Myles’ open wound. Moriarty was nuzzling Anya in the neck. She seemed so happy, smiling and giggling the way Myles had grown so fond of. He couldn’t take it. He needed to take action. “Moriarty, is it?” Myles asked as politely as he could desperately trying not to sound trembling. “Is it okay if I borrow Anya for a moment? There is something I want to talk to her about.” Moriarty smiled and chuckled, it was all fake, Myles was sure of it. Moriarty replied, smiling: “Of course you can! But hey! I want her back in one piece you know!”

Myles rolled his eyes when he was sure Moriarty could not see him. He had taken Anya to a place he knew they could be alone. Anya, seeming a little impatient spoke softly: “Myles.. Ah don’ kn- I mean.. I don’t know what’s going on?” Myles clenched his jaws looking bitterly away. “Why don’t you tell me?” he said not daring to face Anya at the moment.

“What do you mean?”
“When where you going to tell me about him?!”
“Myles, I-”
“And what has happened to your voice? You sound different”
“I’m just speaking more proper. Boys like that in a girl.”

“No they don’t!” Myles said not exactly hiding his emotions “Boys like girls for who they are, can’t you see? He is no good for you.” He plead to Anya leaning onto her shoulder, but was shocked when Anya shook him off. “Why?” The anger was audible in Anya’s voice. “Why can’t you be happy for me? I came to this farm seeking friends.. And maybe” she paused as it seemed she almost had to restrain herself to remain calm. “Maybe someone special who would really like me.. And now that I’ve finally found Moriarty.. All you can do is protest? Why, Myles? I.. T-thought” Anya’s voice was shaking, but she calmed herself: “I thought you where my friend.”

Myles could barely contain himself. His lower lip trembled as he spoke and tears where forming in his eyes. “Please Anya.. I-I’m still. I’m still your f-friend. Oh Anya.. I care so much about youuu” Myles said and embraced her in and open hug leaning his head onto her shoulder. The embrace seemed to last for long. Myles took a deep breath. It felt right now.

“Anya.. There is something I’ve been meaning to tell you.” Myles said looking into Anya’s eyes. “Ever since I first met you, I saw plenty of reasons to like you, you must never doubt that. As the matter of fact I-” “Don’”

Myles looked puzzled at Anya. He had a bad feeling, but at least her accent had returned which soothed him a little.

“Ah know what yer tryin’ to say,“ Anya hissed. “Don’ say it! Don’ ye dare tellin’ me how ye have always liked me!” Anya snarled furiously and pushed Myles over so he fell to the ground. Myles felt so helpless. It felt like something sharp had pierced a hole in him from within. Anya walked back and forth slowly. “Ye should have s-said it..” She whispered finally, her voice trembling. She quickly turned to face Myles, grabbing onto him shaking him as she screamed furiously: “YE SHOULD HAVE SAID IT!! YE SHOULD HAVE SAID IT!!” Tears where flowing from her eyes. She stood over Myles delivering her final words before walking away: “Ah don’ wan’ to talk to ye. anymore…” Her voice was so cold. Myles didn’t recognize her. What had happened to her? Was it his fault? Was it Moriarty’s? Myles got up and ran, ran as fast as he could. He wanted to go back to the barn, he wanted to find his sisters, he wanted his parents. He didn’t want to be alone.


“Did you two get to talk about whatever it was Myles had on his heart?” Moriarty’s voice was casual and cheerful. Surely he must have noticed Anya’s swollen red eyes and that she somehow seemed restless. He probably did. “Aye.. I mean ‘yes’ …Yes we did…” Anya said trying to sound as collected as she could. She was starting to calm down.

“Myles told me how he had always had this big secret crush on me” Anya said, surprised with her own cynicism. “Oh” Moriarty sighed. “What did you say to that?”

“I told him to grow up” Anya lied coldly.
Moriarty nodded: “Sounded harsh”

“Well, that was after he had said some very strange things about you. How was I supposed to react? What did he expect to happen? In a way, I believe it is his fault. He knew I was your girlfriend. I don‘t see why he couldn‘t just have accepted that.” Anya said and leant onto Moriarty who just chuckled and sighed before he said: “I still don’t understand why you made such a big deal out of it. I mean.. it’s not like what you and I have is really that special.”

Anya’s ears perked up and the bad feeling she had felt ever since she talked with Myles was crawling within her. “What do you mean? I thought-” Her eyes met Moriart’s. She looked afraid, much because the eyes that met hers looked completely calm.

“You probably thought a lot of things. If it helps, you where not that bad hanging out with. It’s okay, don’t feel bad. Everyone makes mistakes.”

Anya snarled: “Mistakes?! Mistake indeed!”

“You have much to learn, Flare” Moriarty sighed. “There’s a big world out there. And sadly, I’m afraid a lot of it is just like me..” Cold, disturbingly unaffected. Moriarty said it all so simplistic. He shrugged, turned his back and walked away.

“Good bye, Flare…”


Beyonca, Locks/Lucky Jr. (c) Two-Tone
Hillary (c) Puffy
Myles (c) Babclayman
Moriarty (c) Tic-Tac
Anya, Radu (c) Me
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New Dearly
New Dearly

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PostSubject: Re: 2nd Gen: A plea in her heart PART 2   Sun Aug 16, 2009 10:59 am

Again, an awesome addition to this tragic story.

I commend you for your work Kit =)
It is really well done.

Boy, is Myles going to be disturbed for life after what Anya said to him. And it seems Anya has crashed and burned too now.
Wonder what she'll do, if she begs for Myles forgivness; Its going to take ALOT for Myles to forgive her after what she did. =/

Still, again; Awesome job Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: 2nd Gen: A plea in her heart PART 2   Tue Aug 18, 2009 4:07 am

great story ^^
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PostSubject: Re: 2nd Gen: A plea in her heart PART 2   

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2nd Gen: A plea in her heart PART 2
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