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 All The Same Places

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PostSubject: All The Same Places   Mon Jul 20, 2009 4:38 pm

Myles awoke with a groan as he felt his younger sister; Tai tug at his ear.
“Come on Myles! Wake up!” were the words which penetrated his ears to which she tugged.
“Wha?” Myles raised his head lazily “What is it?”
The blurry silhouette of Tai was the first image which appeared before it cam into focus and her features were revealed, her black ears & brown eyes obviously but grasped within her mouth was a chewed up toy tank.
“Oh boy!” Myles dropped his head.
“Wanna play?” Tai asked muffled through the tank.
“Play what?” Myles blinked his eyes to Tai, having a guess of what it was when he saw the Lego buildings behind her. Tai answered.
“We are giant genetic experiments who have escaped our enclosure of the labs and decided to go have some fun in the little city.”

Myles slapped his forehead and rolled his eyes, not this again! All the time, Tai would go on about her obsession with giants which really got on Myles nerves.
It is suspected that Tai inherited this from her father; Clayton, mother always did say he use to have a similar obsession in his youth, so no doubt Tai is Clayton’s daughter. There goes the prank of tricking Tai she is adopted and is actually Uncle Drake’s daughter which would give her a shock.
Normally, Myles would be ok with having Tai about, but that’s only because his middle sister, Victoria was with him, but right now she is hanging out with that Sloppy & Strike guys. So no chance she’s going to be helping with Tai today.

“Myles!” Tai continued nagging.
“Not now!” Myles tried to turn away as he struggled to sleep.
Tai however rolled her eyes and said “Look. If you don’t wake up within 10 seconds I am going to announce that you were killed by the little army.”
“Good!” Myles said sarcastically “Then I can rest in peace.”
He kept his back to Tai trying to get back to sleep. Things were quiet for a brief moment, but that wasn’t until Myles felt something hard and cold hit him in the back of the head.
“OW!” Myles yelped as he got up rubbing the newly formed bruise on the back on his head, looking down to see what it was. At his paws was a piece of a chewed up toy tank. He then looked back with a snarl to Tai who was however seeming to have started practicing here innocent whistling. Myles pulled a face palm
“God! Someone save me!” he moaned as he tried to get back to sleep.
His prayer was answered very quickly as at that very moment.

“RAWR!” A white blur pounced on top of Tai causing her to roll into one of the buildings of Lego before she stopped with her back down on the floor with a white male pup standing on tip of her.
Thos pup has a grey collar and along his body it seemed not to have any spots at all (unless they were possible Lemon or cream coloured ones)
Tai looked up to this new pups face before she seem to smirk and glitter her eyes to them.
Myles however watched this and smiled “Hello Kharma.”

Kharma however kept his focus on staring in Tais face, a devious smile growing on his own.
“How are you cutey?” Kharma licked his tongue up Tais furry cheek, Tai however pushed Kharma off her before she gave a great leap and pounced on top of Kharma, similar to how he pounced her.
“So they sent you?” she smiled whilst on top of him.
“Who?” Kharma asked as he attempted to gain the advantage over the runt pup.
“The lab that made me, have created you in a poor attempt to stop me taking over this place. But you have intentions of your own.” The smile on her face grew more devilish.

Myles however turned away. At least if Kharma is playing with Tai in the Lego city, she sure won’t be bothering him. He closed his eyes and tried to get back to sleep.

Kharma tilted his head to Tai but still smiled “Well things are a bit boring around her at the moment, so…” He instantly took the advantage over Tai as if in a blink of an eye, he swapped positions with her.
At this point, the two began to play wrestle, knocking buildings down, using them as projectiles, or booting inanimate toy figure and vehicles as if they didn’t want them to intervene.
The fight went on for a fair few more minutes before Tai bashed a Lego building right on top of Kharmas head causing him to fall onto his belly flat, Tai stood on top of him triumphantly like a queen on her throne before shouting…
“Nothing can stop Titan Tai!” she gave an arrogant smile.
Kharma however opened one of his eyes secretly to make sure Tai didn’t suspect anything, he eyed as Tai made her triumph stand before he rolled over causing Tai to fall off him and on to her back and Kharma held her own with one paw.
He leaned down to Tais face before giving her nose a lick and a playful smile.
“What are you going to do now?” Tai asked looking up.
“Something really, really bad.” Kharma resumed his devious grin
“Oh?” Tai said raising an eyebrow before Kharma answered with simply a…
“Yeah.” Sticking out his tongue before turning around and with that, sat on Tais face.

As Myles tried to sleep through Tais muffled screams, trying to get Kharma off her, he heard a new sound which instantly made him open his eyes and jolt his head up to see where it came from.
This sound was a…
“Excuse me?” in a young female voice.
Now, Myles has his feelings on what this was. He looked around a bit more before he noticed a figure standing within the doors of the barn to which was where they were. It confirmed his suspicions.

The figure was female alright; her ears were both white with a golden earring going through the one of her right hand side, around her neck was a scarlet collar, quite similar to of Tais and his own. Her spot pattern was but random but across her left eye layered a dark layer of black fur shaped in the form of a triangle, which perched on her face however, in a rather cute way.
This pup to Myles was known as Anya.
He first met her when he and his sisters were sent to spend the weekend at the farm whilst their parents were away and they just happened to literally bump into one another, right outside the old farm house. After recovering from the run in, the two introduced one another and it was revealed that it was only Anya’s second day on the farm, after her uncle dropped her off. What was his name? Cat? Kin? Something like that.
But after some talking, the two became close friends and spent the entire weekend together with nights camping out in the attic of the farm house.

Myles stared to Anya with a blushing gaze before speaking up “H, Hey Anya.” His smile looked bashful too.
His gaze however was interrupted when Tai butted in.
“Hey!” she said stepping in front of Myles “You’re that girl Myles fanc…”
Before she could finish, her mouth was covered by Myles paw to which she muffled again like she did under Kharma. However, she was able to get Myles off her this time when she lick the palm of Myles hand which caused him to scream, pull the paw off and rub it on the floor whilst he went “ewww.”
He then gave a nervous blush and chuckle to Anya.

Anya on the other hand just gave off a small giggle and spoke
“You boys are funny.”
As she giggled more, Myles let off an embarrassed chuckle through his teeth and spoke up to Anya.
“So Anya, what brings you here?” he asked
“I’m just here to greet my latest guests to my home.” Anya smiled “You, I already know; Myles. And who is this girl with you?”
She looked to Tai who instantly answered.
“I’m Tai, Myles sister. Anya is it. Myles told me a lot about you.” Myles gulped as Tai spoke.
“Oh? What does he say?” Anya blinked, before Tai could answer Myles spoke up again.
“Say Tai! Why not you go back to your Lego city and go play with Kharma again.” He tried nudging her away with his left hind leg.
“Kharma is not playing now after he decided to use my face as a cushion. I’ll deal with him later.” Tai growled.
“Then where is…?” Myles looked back to Anya as he happened to notice Kharma had just immediately pounced her. “Kharma! Don’t do that!” Myles ran to the pup on top of the girl however before he reached them, Kharma gave a lick on Anya’s cheek
“Hey cutie.” He said. This caused Anya to blush.
“Huh?” She blinked to Kharma “Me?”
Kharma shrugged however “"It's my philosophy that complementing a cute girl for her looks is simply good manners" was what he said before giving a laugh and innocently jumped off her and walked out the barn doors.
“I am so sorry about what Kharma just did.” Myles blushed “He sort of is like a pup who doesn’t want to grow up yet so best you don’t…”
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PostSubject: Re: All The Same Places   Mon Jul 20, 2009 4:39 pm

Anya however moved her paw upon the area Kharma had licked; she wobbled a bit before she let out a sheepish smiled, she remained absolutely silent. Myles blinked.
As Anya remained silent, she was letting out blushing giggles. She may not of said it but it was clear as all to see, Kharma has swept Anya off her feet.
As she did this, Myles just was purring a snarling growl. He was however thrown off this when Anya blinked to Myles and asked.
“Did you say something, Myles?”
This caused the pup to blink and stop “Well…er…no…not really. Could you er…excuse me for a minute?”
Myles instantly ran as fast as he could out of the barn, trying to find out where Kharma went to.
This left Anya standing on the spot, leaving her standing alone with the company of a non attentive Tai who had slipped back to her Lego rampage and began to chew her toy tank yet again..

Myles stormed around the farm trying his best to find the spotless pounce pup while at the same time, he clenched his teeth letting off a lose growl.
Eventually, he found Kharma, eating from the trough next to the chow tower; Myles began to slowly approached Kharma just as the pup finished what he wanted of the kibble and turned around noticing Myles coming towards him.
“Rawr!” Kharma smiled as a simple form of saying hello to Myles however the next thing he knew, Myles had pinned him down on the trough with his paw on Kharmas chest and a green eyed scowl on his face.
“WHAT WAS THAT ALL ABOUT!?” Was the words that were forced onto Kharmas ears.
“What was what?” was all he could answer with as he blinked more to Myles.
“What you did just then! With Anya in the barn!” Myles pointed to the barn with his free paw.
“What? Lick her?” Kharma got more confused.
“Yes! That!” Myles nodded “Why on Earth did you do that!?” his scowl filled more with an envious rage.
Kharma paused for a few seconds thinking of an answer before he smirked and stuck out his tongue “Guess Rawr said so!”
“Rawr said so!?” Myles blinked “How can that thing you say all the time talk to you! Give me the real reason!”
Kharma rolled his eyes “Fine. It’s just the way I greet people. I do it to Tai, I do it to Beyonca, hell; I even do it to you.”
Myles loosened his grip on Kharma and sighed “Well Anya doesn’t know that. She actually thinks you love her.”
“What? No.” Kharma shook his head “If there’s any girl that I may have the hots for, it be Tai…” he eyed Myles some more “Why are you so up tight that I licked this Anya girl in the first place? You’re like a guy when someone plays with their…oh…” It suddenly dawned on Kharma and he let out a slight guffaw “You fancy her, don’t ya?”

Myles blinked to Kharma but sighed. Kharma continued giggling.
“You do!”
“Shut up!” Myles growled. Kharma still walked around him.
“Oh…denying it? You don’t fool me. You have a crush on Anya!”
Myles pushed him but sighed.
“Alright…yes…it’s true…HAPPY NOW!?”
Kharma shook his head “Tell me, what do you think of Anya?”
Myles sighed “She’s incredible…ever since I met her, she is like no girl I have ever met…she’s…well…I don’t know…”

Kharma slowly nodded. He stared at Myles more before after long he asked “If you like Anya so much? Why haven’t you told her anything yet?”
“What happens if I do tell her?” Myles looked up “What if after I tell her, she rejects me, you know how much pain that can cause. I don’t think I can take anything like that. I’m sticking safe and being her friend until I choose the right time to speak.”
“You’ll never do it.” Kharma shook his head “If you keep putting it off, you’ll never get around to doing it. You need to do it fast, simple and NEVER take no for an answer!”
“Well, go on!” Myles eyed him “Since you seem to know so much about girls that you are able to get them to love you within 5 seconds. Go on! Give us your tips!”

Kharma leaned back upon the food trough behind him and started speaking what he was thinking.
“Well, first you got to acknowledge the fact that you like them and consider them a friend, then take that and multiply it by 10. You must show her that she is the only girl you want to love in your life, give her respect, listen to what she has to say, but like I said, never take no for an answer.”
“Well, what do I say to her?” Myles asked.
“Begin with a compliment, like I did to her in the barn.” Kharma nodded “Something natural, the first thing that comes into your mind...”
Myles thought for a minute before replying with “Nothing is coming to my mind.”
Kharma rolled his eyes and muttered “Jesus Myles, if you learnt your love tips from your father it's a wonder you were even born.”
“What?” Myles blinked
“Nothing, nothing!” Kharma got up and tried to think of the line for Myles. “Ok…tell her destiny brought you to be, tell her she is the most beautiful girl you seen in your life and you want to spend the rest of your life with a creature that has such beauty. Chicks like that kind of stuff.”
Myles remained silent with a nervous pause. He eventually spoke up.
“Fine! Hopefully she is still in the barn greeting some more of her ‘guests’.” He took a deep breath before turning and heading to the barns direction. He called back to Kharma “Wish me luck!”
Kharma just remained silent but just uttered the words “Good luck…I guess…” before he went back to the kibble in the trough.

Myles entered back into the barn hoping Anya was still there, as he entered he happen to notice two pups leaving the barn. Both of them had black ears with red & blue collars, One of them was male, on their back was a horseshoe spot which hung with their ends facing the ground while the second who was female; the front half of her body was white with the rear half of her pure black with a white heart spot near one of her hind legs.
As they past Myles, the male of the two spoke to the female.
“That was quite rude what that girl did, Beyonca.” He said “First she interrupts me as I am watching ‘Thunderbolt In Space’ and then she goes and calls us her ‘guests’. People these days, I tell ya…”
“Guests?” Myles thought to himself “That definitely sounds like Anya.” He took a deep breath and entered inwards, he called out “Anya? Are you in here?”
There was silence, Myles gulped and called again “Anya!?”
He got an answer this time.
“Myles?” a female voice with an accent replied “That you?”
“Yeah.” Myles called back “It’s me.”

Anya appeared approaching from the area where the TV was placed.
“Been up to much?” Myles asked her, with a nervous tone in his voice.
Anya responded with a: “Well just been greeting more of my guests. However, the last two I greeted didn’t seem to be happy with it.” She looked a bit confused “You think I’m doing anything wrong?”
Myles paused before answering “Err…no. I can’t see anything wrong with what you say.” He shook his head.
“The two who ran off were watching the picture box. I feel that it’s good they decided to stop watching it and go outside. There is so much to do out there.” Anya smiled sticking her tongue out before asking Myles “So, Myles. You wanted to see me?”
Myles paused “Oh, yeah…I did. Well, Anya…” His tone began to get nervous; he tried to find a subject to start on “Well…you know how you like exploring this place? Learning more of your home?”
“Of course.” Anya nodded “Travelling & Exploring is in my Romani blood. Plus it sometimes gets embarrassing when my guests know more about my home than I do.” She blushed “So I am welcome to learn about my home. Yes.”
“Okay…” Myles nodded “Cause, well…oh, I know great meadow somewhere out in the forest. My dad showed it to me once, he said his friend showed it to him when he was our age. He also said something else happened, but he doesn’t like to talk about it…”
”You say this is a place I haven’t been before?” Anya smiled.
“Yeah…” Myles nodded “Just in the woods. I can show it to you if you like…”
Anya began wagging her tail at rapid pace “Sure! What are we waiting for? Let us go!”
And on that, Anya instantly zipped into full sprint and ran past Myles quicker than he could blink, heading in the direction of the woods.
Myles stood for a moment before he smiled and began to run after trying to catch up with Anya. He called.
”Anya! Wait up! You’re going to need my direction to see where that meadow is!”

An hour or so had past. The sun hung low in the skies which were now evening red, below it; a forest and within that, two pups ran. One male, one female, the female was speeding far ahead of the male, easily manoeuvring in and out throughout each branch, bush or mud puddle which came in her path. She turned back and called to the following Male, who himself wasn’t having much luck in manoeuvrings as the female had.
“Thank you for showing me that meadow Myles. I never knew my home had so nice spots.”
“Yeah…” Myles called back “It is beautiful…Think you bring anyone else there?”
“I guess so, if one of my guests wanted too, then I would.” Anya thought about it “Of course I am going to need to find a friend to share it with.”
“Whatever suits you.”
Myles eventually caught up with Anya when she stopped in an opening near a lake known as Hiccup Hole. As Myles emerged into the clearing, Anya began giggling.
“Why, Myles. Look at you.” She gave a sheepish grin as she stared at the Myles covered with leaves, twigs and mud for his bad manoeuvrings in the forest track. “Forgive me. But you look so funny.” She continued giggling as she wiped a bit of mud off Myles face.
“Well it’s good none got onto you.” Myles smiled placing his paw where Anya had touched. “We don’t want any mud to cover that nice face of yours, do we?”
“Myles don’t worry. It’s only mud, it won’t hurt.” Anya smiled, sadly not catching what Myles had meant.
“I guess I could clean off in Hiccup Hole.” Myles looked to his side “That’s nearby. You want to come with me?”
“All right.” Anya nodded “It will be good to get as active outside as I can. Plus I get to see more of my home.”
“Okay.” Myles nodded back “Let’s go.”

Before long, Anya had started lowering her body down into the smooth waters of Hiccup Hole before she began to swim out to Myles (who had now been able to clean the leaves, twigs and mud which covered him off)
“It’s days like these which makes a guy grateful.” Myles said as he looked up to the Amber sky.
Anya however blinked to Myles “How do you mean?”
“You know…” Myles answered “You feel like you have it all here on this farm. Food, shelter, friends…love. And with friends I count you as one of my good friends.”
Anya giggled nipping her earring in her mouth “Myles…”
The male continued “I mean; you’re like no ever friend I have had. You’re enthusiastic, so much empathy, you believe happiness so much and you have that strong adventurous which one can find hard to match with…”
“It’s my heritage.” Anya smiled still not getting what Myles was coming on to.
“But what I mean is…” he paused “What I want to say is…” he closed his eyes, there was brief silence “Anya…I…”
He had to say it now. If he didn’t he would regret it for the rest of his life.

He opened his eyes; his deep ones made contact and met into Anya’s so soulful ones.

He leaned forward to Anya, and kissed her.

It seemed to last long. It was only when Myles withdrew himself; He & Anya looked each other in the eye.

Complete silence.

The end

Myles & Tai (c) Me (Babclayman)
Anya (c) Kit
Kharma (c) Nuke
Beyonca & Lucky JR (c) Two-Tone
All others mentioned (c) their respected owners
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PostSubject: Re: All The Same Places   Mon Jul 20, 2009 6:21 pm

you are a very good writter =3
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PostSubject: Re: All The Same Places   Mon Jul 20, 2009 10:52 pm

Yes yes, great writing *applaud*
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All The Same Places
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