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 London Calling

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PostSubject: London Calling   Mon Jul 20, 2009 1:39 pm

And now those adorable 101 Dalmatians return in an all-new adventure. The pups go home again to London but find its in big trouble. A familiar foe returns and he has his eyes set on the total destruction of Europe's most populated city. Can they stop him or is it curtains for London. It's the world debut of "London Calling"...

The normal Disney logo appears, the new CGI castle.

A new production logo appears. It's a city street in a hilly part of San Francisco. Suddenly a black 1968 Dodge Charger shots over the top of it with a highland green 1968 Ford Mustang in hot pursuit. The Charger whips around a corner, two of its hubcaps fly off. The Mustang powerslides thru, tires smoking and continues the chase. The smoke from the tires remains on screen as the cars race off, forming in a rough logo before morphing into a striking blue, red and white logo reading "RFX Productions" in a style mimicing the one of the old USFL.

The sun rises over a major metropolitian area. It's London, England July 2009. "Summer in the City" by The Lovin' Sthingyful begins to play as we just simple slices of life.
At King's Cross station, a group of commuters use the "Tube," the city's subway. "Mind the Gap," came an automated voice from the train as its doors opened. Plastered on the side of the train cars are ads with a picture of actor John Barrowman proclaiming "Watch TORCHWOOD on BBC." At the famed clock tower commonly known as Big Ben, a group of Korean tourists get their picture taken. Two police officers put a "boot" on an illegally parked red Ford Mondeo sedan. Outside the gigantic Wembley Stadium a long line has formed as 5,000 rabid soccer fans, football as they'd call it, are lining up at a ticket booth. A giant sign flashes a promo for the event they are lining up for...a soccer match between the English National Team and arch rival Germany to be played a few days later. Although the game is supposed to be a "friendly" match to help both teams warm up for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, you wouldn't know looking at the fans who are decked out head to toe in clothing that shows their support of either team. The song trails off into lyrics about "at night it's a different world" as the sun begins to set, with some brief glimpses of London nightlife. In a dance club, a couple gets down to fast paced Eurobeat muscic and in a pub some men watch a cricket match on TV. Slowly the music trails off and the action shifts to a small grassy park along the river Thames. Across the river sits the famous, or infamous, Millenium Dome.

With the sun setting, a beautiful summer day is coming to an end. In the park three teenage kids, two guys and a girl, play a simple game of "football," like most of the country they are excited about the big upcoming game.
The park glowed orange in the setting sun as one of the boys and the girl kicked it back and forth as they moved upfield. The other boy stood in a small goal. The area seemed almost abandoned.

"Kick it here Luke!" said the girl as one of the boys kicked it to her. A graphic of a green Wyvern dragon was emblazened on her white shirt.
"How was that Hannah," replied Luke, his red t-shirt had the "Aardman Animation" logo on it in white.
"Well you're no John Terry but your decent," replied the girl.
"Come on, you'll never get it past me," said the goalie, wearing a simple black shirt with "You will be ex-term-inated!" written in white letters across it.
"Well see about that Jack!," said Luke to his friend in goal right before Hannah blasted a shot at him. Jack blocked it but the ball bounced away from the teens, rolling over the top of a small hill.
"Hang on, I'll get it," said Luke as he chased after it.
The sky was quickly turning from dusk to night and the first stars of the night were beginning to appear in the sky. One of the stars however seemed to have a brighter glow than the others, it featured a very distinctive yellow hue. The star's glow contuined to become larger and larger. It suddenly became apparent that it was no star, the yellow object was a fireball that appeared to be streaking in toward London.
In the park, Luke had just reached the ball and picked it up when he caught just a quick glimpse of the fireball out of the corner of his eye. Looking up, he quickly realized it was coming right toward the small park.
"Holy sh...," the rest of his quote inaudible as he ran back over the hill. The other boy and girl had also noticed the object. Realizing that it was going to crash in their general proxmity, all three high-tailed it in the other direction.
"What the hell is that thing?" asked Hannah.
"Maybe its one of those cool robots that turns into a car like in that one movie," said Jack.
"I don't think this is the time for any of your silly sci-fi references Ja..."
With tremendous force, the fireball slammed into the park. Dirt flew 3 feet into the air as its impact formed a small crater. The sound was about the same as a car accident and surprisingly drew little attention. The remains looked like a mini-version of a plane crash with metal shards and small burning areas around the crash site. The three teens could not resist looking into what had just happened.
"What is that thing? Downed satellite? Space junk?," asked Luke.
"I don't know, I've seen space junk de-orbit before. That usually burns green, not yellow, because of all the copper in satellites and the like," replied Jack. The other two just looked at each other and decided to believe him.
"Maybe a piece of the ISS fell off," suggested Hannah. Suddenly the trio saw something move in the wreckage.
"Whoa, something's alive in there," she responded. "We should call the authorities, let them sort it out," she added. The being in the wreckage moved again, it almost looked...canine in nature.
"It looks like a dog or something," said Jack. "Maybe the Russians launched up another one in secret," he suggested. As the flames died it, the dog became more visible. It was very clearly just a black lab puppy.
"If that's the case the obvivously then its probably harmless and scared," said Luke. "It might be hurt too. Come on, we'll get the little guy and take it to a local animal shelter. That "Second Chance" one in the building that looks like a dog isn't too far from here," he added as he walked over to retrieve it. As Luke approached it, the dog suddenly froze in its tracks.
"Don't worry little guy, I won't hurt you," said Luke in a comforting voice.
Suddenly the dog took an aggressive stance.
"The feeling ain't mutual pal," barked the dog although Luke didn't understand it. With a blink of his eyes, the dog's pupils turned a familiar green color and emitted a beam that immediatly struck Luke. His friends could only watch in horror as their friend was reduced to tan dog with a red collar, distinctive eye brow, floopy brown ears and a brown tail.
His friends paniced and ran off as fast as they could, possibly to get help. The now canine Luke followed suit on all fours with the Lab giving chase. Suddenly a voice intrupted, bringing the lab to a stop as the others ran off into the distance.
"Alright Sigma, that will be enough," said the voice coming from a shadow. "I've planned this invasion too far ahead to let it fall apart because you've become trigger happy right after landing."
"Yes my leader," replied the lab. The figure suddenly stepped out from the shadows...Epsilon.
"Once the others arrive we can move forward with Operation Declawing The Lion," stated Epsilon.
"Do you expect any resistance," asked Sigma.
"This country's humans will not see what's coming until its too late and with London in our control we will cripple the western world's economy," said Epsilon proudly. "I don't expect much canine resistance if we keep it on the down low."
"If this world is so ripe for conquest, how come your first attempt failed," replied Sigma.
"Oh that. There were some...unexpected complications in my attempt in Grutley. However all those complications are an ocean away, they will not be a factor in this mission. Come Sigma, we have some final planning to do before launching our first strike."

Thousands of miles away at Detroit Meto Airport, a silver AmericanAirlines Boeing 757 comes in for a landing and taxis toward the building terminal. The plane is briefly held up as a DC-10 in a white with orange and blue livery for "Global Air Freight" takes off on a runway it needs to cross but it quickly makes it to its gate. The sky bridge rolls up and attaches to the plane, passengers begin to disembark into the gleaming terminal, passing a yellow food stand selling Little Caesar's Pizza.
"American Airlines flight 1997 now arriving from Topstown International at Gate A5," came an announcement over the airport's intercom. Suddenly something unexpected came out of the gate and into view, a familar dalmatian puppy. Followed by another and another and another. It was the start of a wave of all types of canines, and oddly a chicken, all disembarking the plane. All of the dogs, and even the chicken, are on leashes, being held by five human owners with assistance from a few helpful representatives of the airline.
"Thank you for the assistance," said the man trying to run the operation. His name was Roger Dearly, a computer programmer and part-time farmer from the small city of Grutley. Joining him were his wife Anita, his personal friend Nanny, his father and their yound neice Amber. As a programmer, Dearly had some trouble in the past, his high-profile game released last holiday season tanked, but he'd re-established himself with a string of hot hits likes his recent "Barkio Party 2" for the Nintendo Wii and his mega-hit educational game "RAMBO teaches typing for beginners." His hot streak had put his finances back in good standing and because of it the Dearlys had decided to take a dream vacation back to London, the place where Roger and Anita first meet and kindled their love.
"No problem Mr. Dearly, it was an unusal request we're happy to help," said an airline employee as he and two other employees did the best they could to keep the dogs hurded straight. Smelling the pizza stand, one of the pups started to lag behind.
"Sweet papa I swell pizza!," proclaimed Rolly as he contuined to sniff. "Oh, and Burger King too. And (sniff), just a hint of TCBY yogurt." Another of the pups came back.
"You can eat when we get to the "other side of the pond" Rolly, we've got another plane to catch!," said Lucky sternly. Very reculently, Rolly put his goal of food aside and followed the others.

Moments later the pups were boarding their second plane of the day, this time a white Boeing 747-400 belonging to British Airways. With help from the flight attendants of the BA plane, all of the pups were secured into seats in the back of the coach section. It was a major undertaking but the Dearlys were headed back to London. One could almost hear the city calling them back...

Dunt dunt dunt dunt dunt dunt dunt dunt do-do do-do
"London calling to the far away towns..." The classic song by the Clash began to play accompanied by some opening cedits appearing onscreen as the BA crew began final preparation to get the plane flying.
Outside the jet a small tractor pulls up several carts filled with passenger baggage. The giant front cargo door of the 747 opens outward and the airport baggage crew fill it before completing their job and closing and locking the door. Elsewhere, with all the passengers now the passenger door to the 747 was now closed. The boarding skybridge detached from the plane and moved away. At the nose of the plane a big diesel vehicle known as a Tug was attached and slowly pushed the Jumbo jet away from the gate. Once free, the Tug was detached and driven out of the way. The plane taxied out onto the runway, it's departure delayed as several jets take off from the runway it will need. The Britsh Jumbo waits in line as an AirTran 737, an Air France 747, a United Boeing 767, a KLM Boeing 777, a Delta Airlines A330, a FedEx MD-11 and a Northwest Airlines DC-9 all thunder down the runway one-by-one and take off in front of it.
"This is Captain Pete Mitchell, British Airways Flight Niner-Niner, requesting permission to take off," came a voice with an American accent over the radio to the Tower.
"Detroit Metro flight control, we read you loud and clear BA Niner-Niner. You are cleared to take off," responded the tower. As the music and the opening credits finished, the 747 shot down the runway before lifting into the air. They were London-bound.
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PostSubject: Re: London Calling   Mon Jul 20, 2009 2:51 pm

Nice story Razz
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PostSubject: Re: London Calling   Mon Jul 20, 2009 6:18 pm

very nice =3
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PostSubject: Re: London Calling   

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London Calling
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